Amelie Estrela – Experienced Psychic & Lead Author For Tarot-Explained

Amelie Estrela – Leading Psychic & Tarot Reader

  • Career Focus: Psychic & Author
  • Area of Expertise: Love & Tarot Readings
  • Birthplace: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Aura Colour: Pink


Amelie Estrela first recognised her psychic ability at a young age, she developed these skills through her teenage years and has now become an expert in her field as well as an accomplished author.

She is now a highly gifted psychic and tarot reader with a special interest in love and relationships. Amelie has helped thousands of people to either find love or uncover issues of infidelity through her readings. She is also a lead author for as well as 

As the lead contributor she was written and published many articles on a vast range of topics within the psychic niche, including but not limited to:

  • Psychic & Medium
  • Tarot & Angel Card Reading
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spells & Magic
  • Fortune-telling
  • Astrology & Horoscopes

Recent Publications


  • “Stars and Stardust: An Astrology Opuscule”

    It covers all the main aspects of Astrology and Horoscopes and is available for just $0.99 and you can buy it for your Kindle right here.

Amelie Estrela’s Profiles


Amelie’s Amazon author profile : Click here

Amelie’s Goodreads profile : Click here.

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