Results Reveal That 42% of US Adults Have Had a Psychic or a Tarot Reading

According to the PsychicGuild Poll*, 42% of US adults admitted to having had a Psychic or a Tarot Card reading. is a psychic reading portal that allows users to access free tarot readings on their site.

The Survey

Between 24th and 29th January 2019, surveyed almost 3,000 US adults about their experiences with Psychic and Tarot Readings. PsychicGuild wanted to gain a greater understanding of the popularity of such readings as well as their significance in relation to the popularity of the industry as a whole. Their results show that a surprising 42% of US adults admitted to having had a Psychic or a Tarot Card reading.

See the full results breakdown below.

Tarot Reading Jan 2019







Psychic Reading Jan 2019






Broken down further, the split shows that almost 24% had had a tarot card reading compared with 18.5% having had a Psychic Reading.

IBISWorld provides some powerful statistics on the state of the Psychic market over the past five years. The US industry has grown by 2% and had reached revenue of $2bn by 2018. The number of active businesses grew by 1.6% and the number of employees by 1.4%. Clearly, people are asking more than enough questions on the topic for industry growth to be a certainty in the future of society as it currently stands.

Adam Grunwerg, Partner, at Psy Ventures Ltd., owner of their flagship site commented, “These results show a staggering demand for psychic services in the US, far larger than we anticipated. What is further interesting is the great proportion of male respondents (36%) that admitted to having had a psychic reading, given that the industry that predominantly markets itself to a female audience”

The Demographic Breakdown

Looking at the poll results on a more granular level, as shown in the table of results below, we were able to pick out some trends, whether they were expected or not. The overwhelming result, however, was that Tarot readings appeared the more popular choice.


Row 1 = Tarot Card reading data

Row 2 = Psychic Reading data

Psychic Tarot Breakdown 2019


The Female/Male Divide

Perhaps it is not surprising that the gender divide was biased towards the female participant. 48% of the sample who had had a reading of either kind were female, versus 36% being male. When it comes to Tarot readings, the gender gap was higher at 7%, whereas with Psychic readings, the divide was lower at 5%.

Age Groupings

Extrapolating the age-related data also provided some interesting results. Those under the age of twenty-five appeared somewhat skeptical, according to the findings from PsychicGuild, with just 14% having had a Psychic reading. On the opposite end of the scale, those who fell into the over fifty-five bracket also provided them with lower percentages. This could well have to do with how society viewed this niche in the mid to late 20th Century, but that may be explored another time. The age group the most likely to have had a reading was the thirty-five to forty-five, 27% of whom had had a Tarot reading and 22% of whom had had a Psychic reading.

Our Conclusion?

As expected, in summary, the results show huge and increasing popularity in the niche.


*The total sample size was 2,797 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 24th – 29th January 2019.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).