Kasamba Psychics Review

Available Readings

  • Phone Readings
  • Astrology Readings
  • Love Readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Past Life Readings
  • Numerology Readings


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Pros and Cons

  • Best match guarantee
  • Serving happy customers for 20 years
  • Kasamba is a truly global community of psychics and clients
  • Services are private and secure . You can even remain anonymous
  • Unique chat based readings that put you in immediate contact with your psychic
  • Convenient mobile phone app
  • There’s no prepay requirement like on some other sites
  • Always enjoy a satisfaction guarantee
  • Kasamba psychics meet strict guidelines
  • Psychic advisors set their own prices, so some are expensive
  • There’s no option for a face to face video chat
  • The first 3 minutes are only free for the first time you speak to your chosen psychic

Review of Kasamba: Authentic Readings or Fakes?

How do you know if an online psychic network is the real deal? Is there any way to be sure? Well, the short answer is yes. There are some standards that we like to look at because they can give a pretty clear picture of what kind of company you are dealing with.

First of all, check to see how long the company has been in business. A proven track record over time guarantees that the company is not a pop-up. If a psychic network has lots of positive reviews over a long period of time, it means that they are committed to keeping their customers happy.

Another thing to look for is whether the site is secure. Are your identity and information protected? Does the company offer a money-back guarantee? This matters because when a business is truly confident in its services, it will offer guarantees because it believes in its own product.

Next, look for reviews and ratings. Are they all clearly posted? It is important to review customer feedback to get a sense of the online experience. You can learn a lot about individual psychics, but also about the business as a whole.

5 Steps to Your Immediate Psychic Reading!
1. Visit Kasamba

2. Register your details

3. Choose your favorite psychic


Click ‘call’  and your psychic will call you back!

How is Kasamba Different From Other Networks?

Kasamba is a premier online psychic network that has been turning out happy customers for twenty years. With over 3.5 million 5-star ratings, you know that they have helped a lot of people!

One unique feature of the Kasamba site is that you can always try out a new psychic for free for the first 3 minutes. That means you can shop around for your perfect psychic with zero risk to you or your wallet. And that isn’t just for new customers, but for everyone, forever.

Kasamba also values privacy and allows you to use its services anonymously. Psychics will require your name and birthdate for creating things like astrological natal charts, but you can always just give your first name. Payments are also secure and Kasamba’s customer service will refund you up to $50 if you have any problem with your reading. There is also a thorough FAQ section to answer any questions you might have.

How Kasamba Stands Out

  • A unique real-time chat platform, giving you immediate contact with your psychic
  • The option of in-depth email readings
  • Kasamba is a global community with psychics from all around, working in multiple languages
  • The large roster of psychics gives you a huge range of skills available to you
  • Kasamba also has a great mobile app, making it easy for you to get your reading on the go
  • You get your first 3 minutes for free when you try a new psychic for the first time, forever. That means you can try out many different professionals, for free!
  • New customers also enjoy an additional 15% off
  • Kasamba has been providing psychic services for 20 years!
  • Feel safe with their money-back guarantee of up to $50
  • Enjoy anonymity and an SSL protected payment platform
  • Get all of your questions answered with their very thorough FAQ page

What Kinds of Readers Can I Find at Kasamba?

Kasamba has a vast network of available psychics. Whether you have specific questions about a certain area of your life, or if you want to reach a loved one who has passed on to the other side, Kasamba has lots of psychic advisors who can help. Here are just some of the services available to you at Kasamba.

Psychic Readings

What is a psychic reading, exactly? Well, there are many different kinds of psychic readings to choose from at Kasamba, but generally speaking, a psychic advisor will use their powers of extrasensory perception to look into the energy flows in your life and offer you guidance.

Many psychics have clairvoyant or clairsentient abilities, which means they can see or feel things that most of us are not able to tap into. This means they can tap into the feelings of other people, or receive detailed visions about specific situations. This even works for pets, so if you have a pet that is acting up, a pet psychic might be able to help!

Kasamba’s Psychic Readings:
Aura Readings
Pet Psychics
Psychic Mediums
Crystal Readings
Remote Viewing
Rune Casting

Love Readings

You can also receive guidance around specific themes or areas of specialization. Many psychics like to specialize in one particular area, such as love and romance, or career advancement. Depending on what their unique combination of skills are, you may find your perfect psychic by checking out what they are passionate about.

Types of Love Readings on Kasamba:
Breaking up & Divorce
Cheating & Affairs
Gay & Lesbian-Friendly
Marital Life
Parents & Children
Single & Dating
Soulmate Connections

Tarot Readings

Tarot is an ancient form of divination. It’s another way of looking into the past present and future of a situation using tools and symbols to gain deeper insight. Tarot cards speak to the general energies influencing any given situation, and also offer advice as to how to turn the energy around. Combined with other psychic abilities, a tarot reading will clarify a lot!

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling focuses specifically on your future. Although the future is not set in stone, there are general influences shaping the direction of your life. A fortune teller will delve into these energies and guide you toward making the best possible decisions given your situation. Kasamba’s psychic advisors can use a myriad of skills to look into what your future has to offer you!

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation is another powerful tool to give you deep insight into your life. Dreams come to us as messages from our unconscious, but sometimes they are difficult for us to understand. A psychic advisor trained in dream analysis can decode messages from your spirit guides, ancestors, or clarify the meanings behind nightmares or other confusing dreams.

Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings are much more than just a daily horoscope. When a psychic professional studies your natal chart, they will not only learn about your strengths and challenges, but also past life influences and your soul’s purpose. Because astrological transits are changing all of the time, knowing how these energies affect your unique natal chart can be extremely helpful in planning your life! An experienced astrologer will give you detailed insights on love, career, finances and more!

Career Readings

Are you wondering if you’re stuck in a dead-end job, or if you would have success starting your own business? Career Readings are very popular because career decisions are big and carry a lot of weight in our lives! When we stress about our future and which path we should take it just makes things worse. An experienced career psychic can clarify your path for you and guide you to your true potential.

How to Find the Perfect Psychic at Kasamba

Finding the perfect psychic will take a little investment of time on your part, but luckily, Kasamba’s filters make it quite easy! Think about what area of your life you want guidance in and then take a moment to read about the psychics available to you. Do they seem like a good fit?

  • Search for psychics by category. If you know that you want to learn about and understand your astrological chart, then run a search by that specialty.
  • Visit your psychic’s profile page and read their bio to make sure they have the skills that you are looking for
  • Read the reviews of your chosen psychic! You will know right away if their energy is what you are looking for.
  • Check to see that the price range fits your pocketbook
  • Take advantage of the first 3 minutes free and try a few out!

Top Kasamba Psychics

Kasamba makes it easy to find their best psychics. Take advantage of staff picks, their 5-star rating system, and all of the customer reviews. You can get a very complete picture of your psychic professional before you ever schedule a reading.

A Few of Our Favorite Kasamba Psychics:

David James Psychic Wisdom

Kasamba psychic david james psychic wisdom

Specializing in: Psychic Readings

Languages: English
Reviews: 35,555

5-star rating!

One of the highest-rated psychic advisors on Kasamba with over 22 years of experience as a professional psychic advisor. Direct and concise!

Immense Spark n Aura

kasamba psychic Immense Spark n Aura
Specializing in:  Spirituality & Religion

Languages: English

Reviews: 14,392

5-star rating!

Compassionate and empathetic with great natural insight and intuition.

Powerful Visions

Kasamba Pscyhic Powerful Visions
Specializing in: Spirituality & Religion

Languages: English
Reviews: 16,698

5-star rating!

Can You Be Sure Kasamba is Not a Scam?

All combined, Kasamba has over 3.5 million 5-star ratings! That’s a lot of happy customers and a proven track record of success! So, go ahead and see for yourself – there are many, many reviews that you can read to get the full picture.

Also, remember that your first 3 minutes are free AND you can get a refund of up to $50 if there is a problem with your reading. You can remain completely anonymous and your payment information is totally secure. If this were a scam, the cat would be out of the bag by now! Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be getting an authentic psychic reading at Kasamba.

Enjoy Your Special Introductory Offer!

First 3 minutes free!

Additional 15% off!

Money-back guarantee!

Get Your Reading at Kasamba Now!

Have you tried Kasamba? We’d love to hear your feedback! Take advantage of their new customer offer and comment back here! We would love to hear all about your experience with them!

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