Tarot Explained eBook out Now!

tarot explained ebook

e-Book Tarot Explained

The Tarot-Explained eBook is out now. It contains all of the site content in an easy to read an indexed format, as well as some new content. The ebook makes it perfect for performing or learning more about tarot when you don’t have an internet connection. Check it out here!



Tarot Explained eBook!

tarot explained ebook

The first edition of the Tarot-Explained eBook is coming up for release on July 1st. While Tarot-Explained.com will always be free; hosting for websites isn’t. The eBook is an optional purchase for anybody who would like to support the website, as well as have access to the site content while offline. At the moment, the eBook is only available on Amazon. In future, it will be available on other platforms and for other eReaders. Check it out here or click the image to see the eBook.