Weekly Tarot Card – 17th July

Tarot card - The Five of Wands

Welcome to the Tarot-Explained ‘weekly card’. Each Monday, we will feature a card and how it may affect you in the coming week. A weekly card is a general reading for all and in short it means; How will this week be? A weekly card reminds us to be mindful of the particular aspect of the card and how it manifests in our lives. Can a ‘one card for all’ approach truly work? Yes, of course, as long as you interpret it in a certain way; be mindful of the ‘things to look out for’ below. If you’d like to let us know if this card had an effect on your week, please let us know!


The Five of Wandsfive of wands tarot card

Things to look out for this week:

Number : 5

Person : Your enemy, or someone you don’t get along with

Activity : Any competitive sport may be good this week, to channel out the negative energy

Be Mindful of : Causing or participating in arguments that don’t go anywhere

Other : Try not to take sides this week


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