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Tarot card - The World

Tarot card - The World

It’s with some sadness but also lots of other good feelings that I have to announce that I will no longer be running Tarot-Explained, effective around the end of this month. What started as a tool for my own learning kept growing and growing. Tarot-Explained has been a big part of the last four years of my life and I’m happy to see the current state it is in, ready for somebody else to take control. I’ve learned so much about Tarot just by talking to others who are passionate about the topic, and it’s been a wonderful experience. With anything, there must be an end, and while the site will still be here for you to use, I will no longer be a part of this journey.

In future it might appeal to me to create another Tarot learning journey, in the form of a website. If it does occur, I’d love to see you join me there as well as here. Likewise I may be back here from time to time, or I may not, but I wish you all the best and for the final time I’d like to personally thank you for visiting Tarot-Explained.

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