Tarot Explained news: A small note on reversals



A quick note about Tarot Explained and reversals. Recently, I have thought to add reversed meaning to each card page. These have taken the form of a short paragraph towards the end of the card meaning. See an example here. After a bit of thought,I have decided to do a complete rewrite of each card with it’s reversed meaning. So, you’ll see a page for The Fool, and then one for The Fool (reversed). I think this will be a lot clearer, as well as being more concise.

This process will take a few months, but I expect to enter into 2019, (and the fourth year of Tarot-Explained!) with a full set of card meanings with reversals.

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Reversals and free readings.

Free readings are coming back at Tarot-Explained.com. Previously only open to newsletter subscribers, they will soon be open to all. Head over the the Reading page to learn more. Be aware that last time, this got so busy that they had to be limited, so get a request in as soon as possible. These readings are real, performed by an actual person, and we can have a little discussion after if you wish.

Also of note; reversal meanings are being added to Tarot-Explained.com, starting with the Major Arcana. Take a look at them here. Reversal meanings will be added to the Minor Arcana over the coming days. I’ve also been correcting silly mistakes along the way, as well as updating the pages and making them more user friendly.

That’s all for now, I look forward to receiving your reading requests when the service is available soon!


Reverse meanings

upside down tarot cards

I recently received an email asking why Tarot-Explained doesn’t have any definitions for reverse meanings; that is to say, cards that are upside down when dealt. There are a few meanings for this, and this isn’t a technique I practice when I read tarot.

Firstly, Tarot cards have been given specific meanings, there are already cards that can mean opposites. If you were meant to get a negative meaning but you drew a positive card upside down, surely you should have drawn a negative card in the first place?

Secondly, Tarot cards and playing cards have a lot of similarities. We never read playing cards upside down, as there is no upside down for them. Some Tarot decks also do not have an illustration, and therefore cannot have a reverse meaning.

Finally, I shuffle my cards in a very thoughtless way. I don’t want to introduce thought into shuffling cards, I want it to be a random approach. Introducing any sort of consciousness into the process just doesn’t feel right, for me!

That isn’t to say there is no merit to reverse meanings. As a general rule, any card meanings can be read as the opposite when the card is drawn reverse. If it feels right to you, then read your cards with reverse meanings!