Automatic Writing: Notes From The Other Side

 Do you remember taking notes in school, or maybe you took dictation in an office? All you had to do was write what the teacher or boss was saying. In the world of psychic phenomena, the concept is similar to the gift of automatic writing.

 Sensitive people who have this mysterious gift claim that they hear “messages” from the spirit world, and transcribe them onto paper. Often, these people are in a psychic trance while they are writing. Let’s delve further into this fascinating phenomenon called automatic writing.


 Brief History Of Automatic Writing

 Ever since humans recognised their connections to the Divine, they have practised some sort of automatic, or spiritual writing. Ancient cultures developed sacred traditions that were based on “hearing from the gods.” As their shamans and holy people performed rituals, they often went into a trance-like state, and scrawled symbols of the things they saw and heard. The results were proclaimed as divine ordinances that shaped the cultures’ views of the cosmos, afterlife, and traditions.

 Most holy books of the world’s major religions claim that they were dictated by the Divine, such as the Christian New Testament. In his letter to Timothy, St. Paul declared that all scriptures (both Old and New Testament) were written by people as they were “moved on by the Holy Spirit.” While these religions state that all their laws and traditions came from Divine lips, the actual writing was done by gifted humans who heard and saw. For millennia, Native American shamans went on dream quests to transcribe spiritual instruction for their people.

 Automatic writing has been around since the beginning. The process has evolved with different cultural interpretations. It would not be until the 19th and early 20th century until psychic investigators recognised automatic writing in the modern sense.


 Automatic Writing and the Spiritualism Movement

 In the mid-1800s, authorities investigated alleged psychic communication between two New York teens and the spirit world. The Fox sisters had claimed that otherworldly forces communicated with them with a series of knocking sounds. Although this long-studied incidence later proved to be a fraud, it sparked a tidal wave of interest in the occult across America. The movement was called Spiritualism, and it gained popularity in the UK and other parts of Europe.

 Automatic writing became a major tool of Spiritualism. One of the most attractive parts of the movement was that it was open to everyone, regardless of gender, social class, or religion. Spiritualists were not required to be of the clergy. Just about anyone who claimed to have a message from the spirit world in those times were heard.

 During these traditional seances, the psychic medium would go into a trance, and would convey messages from beyond the grave. Most of them used divination tools, such as crystal balls or tarot cards. Instead of speaking, some psychic mediums wrote spirit-guided messages, or drew pictures or symbols on paper. When they came out of the trance, they would discuss the writing’s meaning with the group. Many people were eager to receive messages from their deceased loved ones.

 Contemporary spiritual writing has undergone much scrutiny over the years. Parapsychologists officially call it psychograpy. Some automatic writers were famous, such as Pearl Curran. In the early 1900s, Curran claimed that a spirit named Patience Worth dictated nearly 5,000 literary works. Other prolific spiritual writers include Francesco Chico Xavier, and Helene Smith.

 The paranormal allegations of these writers were published internationally, and studied by some top universities. While professional sceptics assert that automatic writing is simply the result of the person’s subconscious mind, proponents insist that it is genuine. Many automatic manuscripts have demonstrated eerie accuracy, which keeps the psychic gift prominent to this day.


 How Automatic Writing Can Benefit You

 Since we all are connected to the Divine, say psychic believers, everyone has a touch of psychic ability. While you may never be another Liberace, you may learn to play the piano decently. Just because you are not a full-scale psychic medium does not mean that you cannot develop the gifts you have to their full potential. Fortunately, automatic writing is one of the easiest gifts to practice. Here are some helpful tips to get started:

 • During the Spiritualism movement, automatic writers used pens or pencils and a large sheet of paper. Some artistic writers drew their impressions with paint on canvas. In our technically-advanced society, many automatic writers use their computers and mobile devices. Use the tools that feel the most natural for you.

 • Approach your practice with an open heart and mind, and forget preconceived notions about spiritual communication. When your intentions are pure, the spirit world will be eager to convey messages to you.

 • Find a quiet place in your home, where you will not be disturbed for a while. Many spiritual writers find inspiration when practicing outdoors. Organize your writing materials and sit wherever you are comfortable.

 • Close your eyes, and meditate. Say prayers, chant, light a candle, or do anything that releases your mind into complete serenity. If random thoughts hit you, be patient. Acknowledge these thoughts and let them pass through your mind like drifting clouds.

 • Focus on an open-ended question that you want to send to the other side. If it helps, ask the question out loud. Concentrate on your query, and become aware of any sensations you feel. Ask the Divine to protect you in white light as you seek spiritual direction.

 • Pick up your pen (or laptop), and allow words or symbols to enter your mind. Allow your spiritual being to guide your hand. For a while, you may feel silly or that the words you write are nonsense. Write or draw whatever comes to you, whether in spirit voice or visions. If you are drawing, do not worry that you are not an artist. Putting your spiritual communications to paper is the most import thing.

 • It is fine if you do not go into a trance—some seasoned automatic writers do not. Stay in your meditative state as long as you wish, and write or draw as you are inclined. Learn to trust your gift. As spirit guides you, you will intuitively know when to stop.

 • After your session, take some time to review what you wrote or drew. While the answer to your question may not be direct, you may find clues in the words and pictures from your session. Ask your spiritual guides to help you discern your messages. Say a prayer of gratitude to the spirits and universal forces that helped you today.


 As with any skill, the more you practice, the better you will be. Try to have an automatic writing session every day. You may consider keeping a journal or art portfolio of your work, or a thumb drive. Find a genuine psychic adviser to help you further your studies and hone your gift. The spirit world will communicate with those who are listening. Maybe you are the hand they need to convey their messages.

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