Weekly Tarot card – 10th July

Welcome to the Tarot-Explained ‘weekly card’. Each Monday, we will feature a card and how it may affect you in the coming week. A weekly card is a general reading for all and in short it means; How will this week be? A weekly card reminds us to be mindful of the particular aspect of the card and how it manifests in our lives. Can a ‘one card for all’ approach truly work? Yes, of course, as long as you interpret it in a certain way; be mindful of the ‘things to look out for’ below. If you’d like to let us know if this card had an effect on your week, please let us know!

Eight of Pentacleseight of pentacles

The Eight of pentacles reminds you to stick to your hobbies and passions and continually improve them. Maybe you’d like to pick up a new hobby? It’s always a great time. Just remember that you should always practice to get better! Find out more at the Eight of Pentacles card meaning page.

Things to look out for this week:

Number : 8

Person : Someone skilled in their craft

Activity : Pick up that hobby that you’ve been putting off! Commit some hours this week to getting better!

Be Mindful of : New potential interests that you think you might enjoy. Just say yes this week!

Other : Be sure you don’t get tunnel vision. Your passions are important but be sure not to neglect other areas of your life!


For more information, check out The Eight of pentacles card meaning here

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