The Fool Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

The Fool Reversed Tarot Card Meaninigs

The Fool tarot card is one of the most well-known Tarot cards, and part of the Major Arcana set. The Fool reversed may lead towards a feeling of being stopped from doing something; for instance a lack of creativity or writer’s block. It can also hint towards recklessness, and novice behaviour when pursuing a new venture. Be sure that you aren’t getting lost in your own thoughts and not actively ‘doing’. We all have ideas, but it is only through action that these ideas materialise and have value. Unlike some other cards, The Fool usually represents the person the reading is aimed at and not somebody in relation to them. We all experience The Fool at some point in our lives, either when we are him, or see others who are.

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    The Fool Reversed – Summary

    Acting with ignorance, a loss of reality and childlike expectations for the future.


    The Reversed Fool in a time-based position

    Past – The Reversed Fool tarot card in the Past position could represent a choice you made in the past that was, without a doubt the wrong choice. You likely made the choice through lack of experience or without taking everything into account. This could be choosing the wrong job, partner, or field of study. We have to live with our choices and as humans, we will certainly make bad ones. Understand that you can recover from any trouble you get yourself in. Remember to be honest.

    Present – The Reversed Fool in the present position can give you an insight into how you are acting in your life and where you should be. Are you acting your shoe size instead of your age? It might be time to grow up and face reality. There can be many reasons for putting things off in life, but the best piece of advice for anything you are aiming for is to just start. Start badly and improve it, rather than aiming for perfection from day one.

    Future – The Reversed Fool in the future position relates to your dreams of the future. You might be feeling a bit stuck right now, for a number of reasons. You may especially be holding yourself back, through either fear or ignorance in how to start. Remember that you can really attempt anything and that lack of knowledge shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. For many things in life, you can learn as you go. You’ll go further by starting and failing, learning from your mistakes and trying again.

    The Fool Reversed in regards to life issues

    Work / Education – The Fool reversed tarot could indicate that you are stuck in a bit of a rut with work or education. Are you pursuing the field that you’re passionate about? Or have you just fallen into the trap of working or learning something because it is easy and convenient? You might have to force yourself to break the barriers you have set.

    Romance – The Reversed Fool tarot in romance can represent your lack of imagination or creativity in regards to romance. You might have old fashioned views of what to expect from your partner. Some parts of your life might be interfering with your quest for a meaningful relationship. Make sure you are living a life of balance.

    Friends – The Reversed Fool tarot card in regards to friendship can represent your insular feelings. Perhaps you aren’t really connecting with others in the way you would like to. maybe you haven’t found friends who truly share your passions. Nobody is perfect, and it is rare to find a good friend nowadays. Look into ways you can branch out into other friendship groups.

    Money – The tarot card can represent carelessness with money. You should look to your finances and be sure to live within your means. It’s very easy to get carried away, especially when we are dealing with partners or our passions. Don’t go overboard if you can help it.

    Health – The Fool reversed tarot card reminds you to look at the bigger picture, both in regards to your long term health, as short term safety. If you’re used to the path you follow, you can get complacent and start to take shortcuts. You should be careful each time, be sure you are treating your body with respect. When we are children, we feel we can do anything without being harmed. As adults, we know this isn’t the case!

    Spirituality and Mentality – The Reversed Fool tarot can represent a branching out in your spiritual life. You may be considering a new path to follow, or practice to take up. It’s likely you’ll be thinking of dropping some long-standing practices soon too. Live the near future with an open mind. There is a little bit of truth and goodness in each path.

    The Fool Upright

    Keywords for The Reversed Fool – Major Arcana

    Childlike ignorance, carelessness, Insular, Inward thinking, new beginnings

    Other associations of The Reversed Fool

    Element: Air

    Astrology: Uranus

    As a Yes or No question:  No


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