The High Priestess Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

The High Priestess Reversed Tarot Card Meaninigs

The High Priestess is a card of the Major Arcana set and is all about patience, secrets, and knowledge. It is neither a positive nor negative card, in fact, many of the symbols on the face show balance; sitting beside Boaz and Jachin, with a Sun cross and Moon crescent.

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The Reversed High Priestess in a sentence

The Reversed High Priestess tarot card symbolises a difficulty in tapping into your higher intelligence, leaving you feeling lost and directionless.

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    The High Priestess Reversed

    The high priestess tarot card reminds you that you hold the tools required to continue, just give it time. Consider listening to your gut feeling more. Recently you may have felt that you were going against your instinct for whatever reason, whether this was something recently that you did which was morally wrong, or maybe you feel you are walking down an incorrect path. Introspection will usually lead us to our inner goals, thoughts, and feelings. Take some time to yourself to consider your life and look for help from those more experienced. If you find you have no time for yourself, then make yourself a priority.

    The Reversed High Priestess in a time-based position

    Past – The Reversed High Priestess in the past position shows a time in the past where you felt disconnected from your true path, leaving you lost without meaning. many of us experience loss in our lives and it can change our whole view of life. You might be treating it as a lesson now; something you have grown from. The most interesting people are those who have gone through trials and emerged victorious from them.

    Present – The Reversed High Priestess in the present position suggests a current lack of spirituality, direction or feeling in your life. You might feel like you’re currently missing something, but you aren’t able to place your finger on what it is. there are a number of reasons we can be disconnected from the flow of the universe. Look into what you desire spiritually, something that will fulfill you more than wealth and material satisfaction, something greater.

    Future – The Reversed High Priestess in the future position suggests a future of confusion and blurred meaning if you continue on your current path. Make sure you aren’t abusing any aspect of your life and using this to cover up issues you need to tackle. We can’t be switched on all of the time, so don’t worry about being fully in control of your life at all times.

    The Reversed High Priestess in regards to life issues

    Work / Education – The Reversed High Priestess suggests you’re in the dark about one aspect of your work. It could be that new changes are happening and you’re lagging behind. If you’re struggling at work or while studying, dedicate your own time to the parts that interest you, and the rest should fall into place.  The high priestess reminds you that we can’t focus on everything at once, so take things piece by piece. Complete a small part and then move onto the next.

    Romance – The Reversed High Priestess in regards to romance suggests you should try to focus on solving your own problems right now. If you have a partner, just let them know that you may need some time to yourself for a while. If you’re single, then it probably isn’t the time to be looking for love. You might interpret signals the wrong way, especially if you think someone may be interested in you. In either case, give yourself some quality ‘me’ time.

    Friends – Look for dishonesty when the Reversed High Priestess shows up when you ask about your friends. It’s likely that someone possesses some sort of knowledge that they are keeping from you. This can be especially prevalent if you are working with somebody. Keep an eye out for deceit, but don’t act on it just yet.

    Money – The Reversed High Priestess tarot card showing up in wealth can show two things; financial dishonesty on someone else’s part, or a lack of knowledge on your own. Now isn’t the time to make extravagant purchases without reading the fine details; be sure you’re also getting a good deal. There should be no rush in buying something. If you feel pressured, then you need to ask yourself why.

    Health – The High Priestess in reverse can represent a form of obscurity in regards to your health. You may have some sort of an underlying condition that you should deal with, but by no means is this serious. It may be worth getting a physical, but this is just good common sense.

    Spirituality and Mentality – The Reversed High Priestess in spirituality means you may be on the cusp of a new level of understanding but you currently do not possess the knowledge to surpass it. Stop ignoring the messages that you know you are receiving and try to open yourself up.

    The High Priestess Upright

    Keywords for the Reversed High Priestess

    Ignorance, clouded visions, disturbances, dishonesty

    Other associations of The Reversed High Priestess

    Element: Water

    Astrology: Moon

    As a Yes or No question: Unclear, or, the question is not as straightforward as Yes and No compared to other cards in the major arcana. If there is a choice, take the more negative one for now.


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