The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card - The ChariotThe Chariot Says: “My Determination Leads Me to Success”


You’re riding to victory in The Chariot! This Major Arcana card signifies success, determination, and direction. Whatever you have been working toward, you are at the point of arrival. Congratulations!

Your willpower and focus have paid off, and although the journey may have been long and bumpy, you are finally arriving at the finish line.


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What Will The Chariot Mean For YOU?

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    The Chariot Tarot Card Explained

    The Chariot represents overcoming obstacles after a long journey or hard-won battle. Depending on where this tarot card appears in your reading, the message is one of maintaining focus and confidence in the pursuit of your goals. The Chariot card suggests that your strength and commitment is being tested by the universe, so don’t give up or look for shortcuts.

    Are you pushing yourself ahead at break-neck speed to the point of obsession? This might be why The Chariot is showing up in the reversed position in your tarot card reading. If the pursuit of victory is becoming excessive, you might actually be standing in your own way.

    If you’re lacking direction and feel yourself floating aimlessly, a reversed Chariot card will also appear in your reading. Whether your willpower and focus is excessive or lacking, the goal is the same: bring these energies into a healthy state of balance.

    The Chariot Tarot Card in Your Past

    You overcame challenging times in the recent past, but because of your determination, you managed to succeed. Now you are stronger for it, and your confidence is apparent to everyone around you. Hard work pays off eventually, and you are evidence of that success.

    The Chariot in Reverse in the Past

    If you gave up in the face of a challenge recently, then The Chariot will show up in the reversed position. Maybe you were lacking self-confidence, or you just weren’t sure which direction to take. Or maybe you pushed ahead without thoughtful consideration and wound up missing your target in the end. Either way, the positive energies represented by The Chariot didn’t manifest in a constructive way in your life.

    The Chariot Tarot Card in Your Present

    Success is at hand and your hard work is paying off! The Chariot is bringing you to the finish line of your race, and you’ve arrived in first place. This Major Arcana card also represents duality, because the charioteer has to manage the two sphinxes pulling his chariot. They can pull in opposing directions, so you must remain focused.

    The Chariot in Reverse in the Present

    Are you feeling like you’ll never succeed? Are you running out of steam because it seems like your struggles go on and on? The Chariot card in the reverse suggests that you’re low on focus and determination. Stay focused on your direction and don’t allow turns and detours to dissuade you. With continued dedication you will arrive victoriously. Keep going!

    The Chariot Tarot Card in the Future

    Whatever you are going through right now, The Chariot in the future position ensures your ultimate success! This Major Arcana card is at its most powerful in the future position and indicates that your plans are being supported by the universe.

    The Chariot in Reverse in the Future

    In the reverse, The Chariot reminds you not to give up if things get tough! You might be facing some challenges in the near future that will require you to keep your nose to the grindstone. Tap into your competitive nature and think of these obstacles as a workout at the gym – the harder you train, the stronger you will be in the end.

    The Chariot Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    You’re taking your love life into your own hands! With passion and confidence, you are moving toward what you want in love. When you are clear about your goals and desires, you can take concrete action toward manifesting what you want in a relationship. Remember though, that The Chariot represents duality and the need to rein in opposing forces. But with a little juggling and balancing, you will succeed.

    The Reversed Chariot in Romance

    If you’re being too pushy or forceful in love, you’ll wind up self-sabotaging your relationships. The energies of the Chariot in excess don’t bode well for a harmonious relationship. Instead of trying to control everything, practice surrender. Find balance in your life in terms of your career and friendships and let love come to you.

    The Chariot Tarot Card and Your Career

    You’re charging ahead in your career with a lot of ambition and willpower. Keep it up! Don’t let yourself get distracted by details or small problems. The end goal is what’s important, and with the energy of The Chariot supporting you, you are certain to achieve your goals.

    The Reversed Chariot in Career

    Either you’re pushing yourself or others way too hard in the workplace, or you’ve lost your motivation to succeed and your objectives are falling flat. The Chariot appears in the reversed position to encourage to embody the energies of determination, ambition, and willpower in a balanced and constructive way. Find the middle ground between obsession and apathy in your work in order to restore balance in your career.

    The Chariot Tarot Card and Your Friends

    The Chariot only has one charioteer and can indicate a time of going it alone. It’s probably not the best time to make socializing your primary objective. That doesn’t mean you need to be a hermit, but do allow yourself to stay focused on the things that are critical for your long term goals at this time.

    The Reversed Chariot and Friends

    Be careful not to be too pushy with your friends, or you might do some damage to your friendships. The Chariot is all about reining in opposing forces in order to keep things moving forward, so in reverse, something is out of balance.  It could also mean you aren’t investing enough drive or direction into your relationships. See what resonates with you and strive for balance.

    The Chariot Tarot Card and Your Money

    Your determination and steadfast focus bode well for your financial situation. Keep pushing toward your goals with confidence, you have victory ahead of you. If there are small setbacks, don’t let it dishearten you. Keep your eye on your long term financial goals and you will achieve success in short order.

    The Reversed Chariot and Money

    Don’t rush into big financial decisions with The Chariot in reverse. Steer clear of impulsive spending and be sure to budget your money with the longer term in mind. Or if you’re too indecisive, this card in reverse indicates that you need to have a clear direction and objective when it comes to your finances.

    The Chariot Tarot Card and Your Health

    The Chariot is a vivacious and energetic character, so this card bodes well for your health and wellness outlook. However, do be careful not to run yourself ragged. Don’t let determination get out of control because you might wear yourself out. Balance the different areas of your life so that you over or under-do things!

    The Reversed Chariot in Health

    Remember to pace yourself so that you don’t burn out! You may experience a sudden burst of energy, but don’t overdo it. If you’re beginning a new exercise routine or diet, be sure to maintain some balance so that you can finish the whole race! On the other hand, if you’re all over the place and lacking direction, just make a choice and stick with it for a while until you find your groove.

    The Chariot Tarot Card and Your Spiritual Journey

    If your journey is a spiritual one, then The Chariot signifies that you have made impressive strides in your spiritual awareness and evolution. Others may be in awe of your tenacity and your ability to overcome difficulties while still emerging victorious. You are fearlessly following your higher calling and have risen to success. Your inner transformation is worthy of celebration.

    The Chariot in Reverse and Spirituality

    Our spiritual journey is not one that we can control, in fact, ascension requires us to embrace the notion of surrender. If you’re pushing too hard for a certain outcome, you won’t see the results you want. The reversed Chariot reminds you to find the balance between determination and pacing.

    The Symbology of The Chariot Tarot Card

    The Chariot card of the Major Arcana is filled with symbolism. The two sphinxes, one black and one white, represent the duality of positive and negative. The Charioteer must manage opposing forces successfully in order to move ahead. His chariot is covered with a canopy of stars that represents his connection to the divine, and he wears a crown of laurels on his head, which is symbolic of victory, success, and spiritual evolution.

    Keywords for The Chariot Tarot Card

      • Direction
      • Victory
      • Triumph
      • Hard-won success


    The Chariot Tarot Card Card Associations


    Element: Water

    Astrology: Cancer

    As a Yes or No question: Yes


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