The Empress Tarot Card Meanings


Tarot card - The EmpressThe Empress Says: “Enjoy the Beauty in Your Life!”

Beautiful, empowered, sexy, and abundant, The Empress is the woman who has it all. She’s the divine feminine in her most evolved state. She knows her worth and she commands respect.

The Empress is encouraging you to enjoy your life to the fullest. Indulge in creative projects like art, music, and dance, and nurture your connection with nature. Maybe you need a day trip to the spa or a day off just for yourself. Go ahead and treat yourself to something special!

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    The Empress Tarot Card Explained

    It’s time for you to stop and smell the roses! The Empress takes the time to enjoy and appreciate all of the finer things in life, and she’s appearing in your reading to remind you to do the same. She is Venus, the ruler of love, art, and beauty, and represents fertility of all kinds. Whether your reading is about romantic relationships or your career, the message of The Empress is to bring your creative ideas and pursuits into the physical world.

    But, if she’s showing up in the reverse, it might be that you’ve gone too far into luxury and enjoyment! A reversed card always means that the qualities of that archetype are too extreme. In reverse, The Empress suggests that too much of a good thing can lead to laziness and co-dependence.

    The Empress Tarot Card in Your Past

    You come from a stable and fulfilling background, and your past was filled with plenty of love, luxury, and abundance. Even if wealth wasn’t excessive, you were loved, supported, and valued. In the upright position, The Empress is reminding you to stay connected to your gratitude and always remain appreciative of the abundance in your life.

    The Empress in Reverse in the Past

    In the reverse position, The Empress suggests that you might have lived a life of excess in the past, where you overspent on a lavish lifestyle, and this could be causing you some problems in the present. Or maybe you didn’t care for yourself enough so that The Empress in you wasn’t able to flourish. This card is asking you to assess the theme of abundance in your life so that you can bring it back into balance.

    The Empress Tarot Card in Your Present

    You are in a wonderful place in your life right now. You feel secure and know that love and abundance are available to you. If you’ve recently started a creative project, you are seeing it flourish and grow. Stay connected to your gratitude and express your appreciation as often as you can. Abundance begets abundance in all forms.

    The Empress in Reverse in the Present

    The Empress has appeared in the reversed position, which means that the energies of her archetype are out of balance. Either you are neglecting yourself and not nurturing yourself the way you should, or you’ve fallen into laziness and codependency. Take a look at how you are spending your time and energy and try to find a healthy balance as you move forward.

    The Empress Tarot Card in the Future

    You definitely have some pleasures coming your way with The Empress in the future position! You are about to manifest your desires and you have good fortune coming your way. The Empress of the Major Arcana represents abundance of all kinds, so whether you’re looking for romance or a boost to your financial situation, things are about to get good.

    The Empress in Reverse in the Future

    Have you been feeling the urge to be creative and start a meaningful project, but you can’t seem to get into the groove? The Empress in reverse can leave you feeling disconnected and dissatisfied, so be on the lookout for any of these tendencies. Make sure you’re not shirking your responsibilities or spending money you don’t have! And by the same token, don’t run yourself ragged either. Be sure to take time for yourself for rest and relaxation when you need it!

    The Empress Tarot Card Love and Romance

    Get ready for something serious! The Empress is a nurturing and loving archetype, who is associated with fertility and pregnancy. If you’re in a committed relationship, things are probably going to rise to the next level!

    Children and family are indicated with this card, and this major arcana card represents a partner who is stable, caring, and beautiful, and loves the finer things in life. If you’re single, it’s likely that you’re going to be meeting someone new, perhaps even from work. The two of you will share creative passion and enjoy some luxurious moments together.

    The Reversed Empress in Romance

    It looks like your romantic relationships have gotten out of balance. Either you’re with a partner who is too smothering and clingy, or they’ve become detached and superficial. A reversed Empress advises you to check in with your partnerships.

    Are you over-giving? Or maybe you’re taking your relationship for granted? It’s a good opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner and communicate with each other. Go the extra mile to bring balance back into your relationship!

    The Empress Tarot Card and Your Career

    Your creative projects are finally getting off of the ground and coming to fruition. The Empress is the card of the feminine and motherhood, so you may be working from home, or getting involved in the fashion or beauty industry. Abundance is yours and you will be inspiring those around you. Stay connected to your intuition and follow your passions and you will reap the rewards of your efforts.

     The Reversed Empress in Career

    Is work getting tedious for you? In a career reading, The Empress in the reverse suggests that you may be feeling drained and worn out. It seems that the passion is missing in your career and your objectives at work feel superficial. Or maybe you’re not being appreciated for all of your efforts.

    Take some time to reflect and re-discover what it is that is missing in your life. If you can find a way to bring your creative freedom and enjoyment back into the workplace, then now is the time to do it. However, if change needs to happen in the external world, The Empress in reverse indicates that it’s a good time to start looking for alternatives!

    The Empress Tarot Card and Your Friends

    You’re about to become the center of attention! Your friends will be looking up to you as you take on a more central role in the group. Enjoy your time together! The Empress is all about enjoying life as the divine feminine. Spend some time in nature with your friends and treat yourself to something special. This is a card of generosity and sharing, so spread the wealth.

    The Reversed Empress and Friends

    Some of your projects or activities might be delayed a bit, but trust that they will manifest in the end. The Empress in the reverse is warning you not to give so much to your friends that you neglect yourself. Or on the other hand, you could be becoming too dependent on others to do everything for you. Speak up for your own needs and take responsibility for yourself too. It is important to maintain healthy boundaries if we want relationships to flourish.

    The Empress Tarot Card and Your Money

    The Empress is abundant, which bodes very well for your finances! You will be feeling generous and eager to share your prosperity with friends and loved ones. Go ahead and relax and enjoy! But if The Empress appears in the reverse, you might be feeling financially unstable even if you are actually doing fine. If you’re feeling insecure take a moment to meditate on where your lack of self-worth might be coming from.

    The Reversed Empress and Money

    The Empress indicates stable finances, even in the reverse, so why are you feeling insecure? When this card appears in the reverse regarding your finances, it’s a good time to reflect on where those feelings are coming from. Are you carrying around worries and fears from the past that aren’t real anymore?

     The Empress Tarot Card and Your Health

    The Empress represents fertility, so if there is a chance you could be pregnant, you should definitely get that checkup. In any case, take a break to rest and replenish yourself. Eat healthy nutrient-rich foods, get plenty of sleep, and spend some time in the sun with mother nature. Your body will thank you for it!

     The Reversed Empress in Health

    You might be undergoing some challenges regarding pregnancy. If you’re wanting to get pregnant, The Empress in reverse can indicate that it probably won’t happen right now. On the other hand, an unwanted pregnancy is possible, so if you aren’t wanting to get pregnant, take extra precautions right now.

    The Empress Tarot Card and Your Spiritual Journey

    You’ve arrived in a place where your spirituality and physical existence are operating in beautiful harmony. The divine feminine is the creative life force  – fertility, pregnancy, motherhood. The Empress is unconditional love and security, and she carries with her all of the wisdom of motherhood. She is the power of manifestation and will support you in your efforts.

    The Empress in Reverse and Spirituality

    Are you having trouble integrating your spiritual side with your physical world? Are you feeling like your spiritual life isn’t abundant? The Empress in reverse suggests indicates a lack of connection with beauty and pleasure in your life. Try using art, music, dance, or nature to make a deeper spiritual connection.

    The Symbology of The Empress Tarot Card

    She is the flowing river, the fields of grain, adorned with fruits. The Empress is the archetype of Venus, and she nurtures and loves those around her. But if she appears in the reverse, you must determine what is preventing you from embodying abundance in your life. Are you holding yourself back? Or are you giving your power away out of fear and insecurity? The Empress encourages you to believe in your own worth and move forward with confidence.

    Keywords for The Empress Tarot Card

      • Abundance
      • Nurturing
      • Creativity
      • Beauty


    The Empress Tarot Card Associations

    Element: Earth

    Astrology: Venus

    As a Yes or No question:  Yes

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