Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Justice Tarot card Justice Says: “Balance is About to be Restored”


Lady Justice sits upon her throne with the scales in one hand and the sword of truth in the other. This Major Arcana card represents accountability, the law, and fairness when major decisions are at hand.

Justice is also a card of karma, and when it makes an appearance in your tarot card reading, you are about to get some resolution.

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    The Justice Tarot Card Explained

    You can expect a fair outcome to a challenging situation in your life! If you have acted with integrity toward others but you have been wronged or hurt, the Justice card assures you that karma will be brought back into balance. However, if you have made decisions that harmed others, the Justice card comes as a warning.

    Justice demands truth and honesty, so a reversed Justice card indicates gossip, misinformation, and lies. You may have behaved in ways that were morally questionable and you are failing to take responsibility for your choices. Be fair in your choices and be sure to seek out the facts before making any judgements or assumptions about others, and make an effort to right the wrongs you committed before Justice does it for you.

    The Justice Tarot Card in the Past

    It looks like you made a big decision in the recent past that is affecting your life today. In the past position, the Justice card usually indicates that you made a big change in your life. Maybe you were divorced, changed careers, or moved to a new city. Whatever it was, you made a major break from your past and that choice now forms the foundation of your current situation.

    Justice in the Reverse in the Past

    Did you just go through a rough time? Were you untreated fairly by others? Or maybe you didn’t take responsibility for something that you should have owned up to? This card in the reverse indicates that there was a significant situation in your recent past where justice was clearly lacking.

    The Justice Tarot Card in the Present

    Karma is about to be served in your favor! The truth is coming out and those who harmed you are going to be forced to take responsibility. A big decision is at hand, and the outcome will be guided by fairness and accountability. If you are involved in a legal battle, it will be decided in your favor.

    Justice in the Reverse in the Present

    Justice in the reverse is warning you that you are involved in a corrupt or dishonest situation. Someone may be seeking retribution or is avoiding taking responsibility for something they did. If you have been engaging in dishonest behavior, you are being advised to take responsibility and to correct the situation right away.

    The Justice Tarot Card in the Future

    Stay balanced and listen to both sides of the story when a major decision comes your way in the near future. Make the effort to really understand the facts and weigh all options carefully. Everything you have been working toward is about to come to head, and if you have been acting in good faith, Lady Justice is going to reward you.

    Justice in the Reverse in the Future

    Are you in denial? Are you avoiding taking responsibility for your actions? Justice in the reverse warns you that if you continue on your current path, you will be getting some karmic payback in the near future and it won’t be good. In the end, the scales of justice are always put back into balance. So, if you have the opportunity to do that yourself, now is the time.

    The Justice Tarot Card in Romance

    Justice is bringing balance to your love life!  If you’ve been creating good karma through honest and fair actions, then you will be attracting the same to you. Your love relationships will be like your mirror. If you are single, it’s likely that a new relationship is coming your way.  If you’re already in a committed relationship, balance is about to be restored.

    Justice in the Reverse in Romance

    Unfairness seems to be a theme in your relationship right now.  Are your expectations fair and reasonable? Are your partner’s? Do the facts of the situation really warrant any negative feelings either of you might have?  Or maybe one of you is making unfair judgements that are unwarranted. Whatever the details of your situation, it’s time to take responsibility before karma does it for you.

    The Justice Tarot Card in Career

    Have you been involved in a dispute at the office? If you’ve been honest and truthful, then the Justice card is telling you that the situation is going to be resolved in your favor in the near future. Or, if there isn’t any conflict right now, Justice is reminding you to always work with integrity and honesty. If you embrace these qualities, you’ll be gaining respect in the workplace.

    Justice in the Reverse in Your Career

    You might have some unfair and dishonest things going on at work. If you are being blamed for something that isn’t your fault or someone is trying to sabotage your work, make a real effort to approach the situation with facts and fairness. Getting embroiled in a heated exchange won’t help your situation. Use logic and reason, instead of letting your emotions get the better of you.

    The Justice Tarot Card and Your Friends

    The Golden Rule is your mantra when Justice turns up about your friends and social life in your tarot card reading. Change is in the forecast, but it will be for your benefit. When you treat others fairly and always stand for the truth, your relationships will reflect the same. Toxic friendships may fall away at this time, as Justice balances the scales of karma. Don’t resist the change. And if you’ve been hurt by some of the things your friends have said or done to you, you might be receiving some apologies or restitution.

    Justice Reversed and Your Friends

    Are some of your friends treating you unfairly? Do you feel taken advantage of? The Justice card in reverse is a card of unfairness, so be on alert. And if you have any amends to make within your social circle, make them now.

    The Justice Tarot Card and Your Money

    Your finances are balancing out under the influence of the Justice card. Make sure you are honest in your financial dealings, give what is owed, and receive what is owed to you. Karma is coming in to balance the scales.

    Justice in the Reverse and Your Money

    Beware of any sketchy financial dealings on the horizon, and be careful of who you share your financial information with. The Justice card in reverse indicates unfairness, so be sure to also take responsibility regarding your finances where you need to.

    The Justice Tarot Card and Your Health

    Balance is the name of the game when it comes to your health. Are you sleeping and exercising enough? On the other hand, are you maybe eating too much? Whatever the scenario, the Justice card reminds you to maintain balance in your life. Your body, your mind, and spirit should all be working together in harmony.

    Justice in the Reverse and Your Health

    You need to take decisive action to restore balance into your life regarding your health. Take responsibility for the ways in which your choices might be contributing to health problems in your life. And seek advice if you need to.

    The Justice Tarot Card and Spirituality

    In order to grow spiritually, we must embody balance. This means that we must learn to take responsibility for our lives, even the bad things that happen to us. That doesn’t mean things are our fault, or that we wanted to suffer, it simply means that we must look at the world from the inside out.

    When you are able to see both sides and take responsibility for your part in it, you discover that you really do receive what you put out into the world. This is the lesson that the Justice card imparts.

    Justice in the Reverse and Spirituality

    You need to restore balance into your life regarding your spirituality. You may be resisting the need to self-reflect on your inner world honestly. If you’ve fallen into negative thinking, be sure to bring your thoughts into a higher vibration. On the other hand, you could be in denial or self-delusion. Seek balance and listen to your guides.

    The Symbology of The Justice Tarot Card

    Lady Justice holds the sword of truth in her hand, and in traditional tarot, swords represent the mind, truth, logic, and facts. With this sword, Justice severs truth from lies. In her other hand, Lady Justice is holding the scales. The scales represent looking at both sides equally and finding balance between two opposing sides. The scales can also represent the past and the future, and karma always finds balance between the two.

    Keywords for The Justice Tarot Card

    • Accountability
    • The Law
    • Fairness
    • Karma


    The Justice Tarot Card Associations

    Element: Water

    Astrology: Libra

    As a Yes or No question: Not certain. If the question is moral, then Yes. Otherwise, no.

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