The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings


Tarot card - The LoversThe Lovers Card Says: “Choose Love!”


Love, unity, partnership, communication, choices – these are all aspects of The Lovers tarot card. After learning the lessons of the Hierophant around traditions, values, and beliefs, it is time for you to make up your own mind.

The Lovers card asks you to explore your own desires and values. Do they align with those of your partner? Are you engaging in open and honest conversations in your relationships? Trust and connection at the highest level is the foundation of this Major Arcana card.

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    The Lovers Tarot Card Explained

    The Lovers card has landed in your tarot card spread to signify a beautiful relationship in your life! There is clear communication and an ability to be vulnerable with one another. This card often signifies a sexual relationship, though it doesn’t have to be.

    This Major Arcana card also represents choices. It seems that an important decision will be coming up in your life, so the surrounding cards of the reading will be very important!

    The Lovers Tarot Card in Your Past

    In your past, you enjoyed a supportive and loving relationship, which set the foundation for your current sense of groundedness and wellbeing. Whether you are single now or not, the benefits of this bond are still with you, and you should wear those stripes proudly.

    The Lovers in Reverse in the Past

    If reversed, The Lovers in the past position indicates that you might have had some difficulties around relationships recently. Maybe you had to make a difficult decision which led you to where you are today.

    The Lovers Tarot Card in Your Present

    If love hasn’t captured your heart yet, it’s about to! In the present position, The Lovers tarot card indicated that love is right around the corner. And if you are already in a relationship, it’s about to evolve to a new level. Because this card also represents choices, you may need to make a decision about your level of commitment, whether to another person or your career or family. Some sacrifice might be called for if you want to commit fully.

    The Lovers in Reverse in the Present

    There is a significant imbalance in your relationship when The Lovers card pops up in the reverse. Communication may have broken down, or maybe the partnership has become cold and detached. It’s important to be honest with yourself and your partner and communicate your fears and desires clearly.

    The Lovers Tarot Card in the Future

    Get ready for something new and exciting coming your way in the field of romance and passion! The Lovers in the future position indicates that you are in a place energetically to receive love and that you will shortly attract it into your life. Take this time to contemplate what you truly desire in a relationship so that you can manifest a harmonious partnership.

    The Lovers in Reverse in the Future

    A break up might be in store for you if The Lovers presents in the reverse. Make an effort to engage in open and honest conversations and take responsibility for your choices. Sometimes we hang onto things in life that aren’t good for us because of fears or negative beliefs about ourselves and others. Have the courage to do the right thing so that you have a real shot at true happiness in the future.

    The Lovers Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    When it comes to romance, The Lovers card is like hitting the jackpot. Unity, passion, and love await you and a soulmate connection might really be at hand. But just like with all important decisions, the choice you make will impact your life in a big way. Be honest and clear with yourself and others about your needs and expectations. This kind of trust and vulnerability is the foundation of any lasting union.

    The Reversed Lovers in Romance

    If you’re single and this Major Arcana card presents in the reverse, you should take a moment to see if you’re standing in your own way when it comes to love. Sometimes unconscious programming leads us to self-sabotage without us even realizing it! If you’re in a relationship, be sure to assess your real happiness. Do you truly feel loved and connected?

    The Lovers Tarot Card and Your Career 

    Harmonious relationships can also be platonic in nature, and sometimes that’s exactly what the Lovers Card implies in a career reading. You could be engaged in a mutually beneficial business partnership. Sometimes this tarot card suggests that a professional relationship could be developing into something more, so if that’s the case, be sure you weigh the risks of getting involved in that way. It looks like there will be some important choices to make on the work front soon!

    The Reversed Lovers in Career

    An office romance could be leading you into trouble, or there might be some conflicts with other people at work. The Lovers in reverse signals an imbalance in relationships, so even if there is no romance involved, it might be that someone is not pulling their weight or taking responsibility for their choices. This kind of detachment and lack of effort can drag down the whole team, so use clear communication to come up with a solution to make sure your projects don’t suffer.

    The Lovers Tarot Card and Your Friends

    Your friendships are deep and beautiful and you may have some spiritual or creative projects that you enjoy pursuing together. The energy of The Lovers is not just romantic in nature, but represents a pure bond between two people. It looks like you and your friends will be presented with an important choice that will affect your life greatly.

    The Reversed Lovers and Friends

    If reversed, you might realize that you have outgrown some of your friendships and that they no longer serve you. If you feel drained after spending time together or if you find yourself always focusing on others rather than yourself, The Lovers in reverse might be nudging you to take your social circles in a new direction.

    The Lovers Tarot Card and Your Money

    Sadly, The Lovers card is not a great one to get in your tarot card reading when it comes to money. Because this Major Arcana card is all about big choices, you might find yourself having to close one door to open another.

    The Reversed Lovers and Money

    In the reverse, The Lovers card warns you not to spend your money frivolously. Be sure to manage your money responsibly and don’t get lured into impulsive spending! This tarot card in the reverse reveals an energy of imbalance, so be careful that you don’t hurt your long term financial outlook with frivolous spending.

    The Lovers Tarot Card and Your Health 

    It’s all about matters of the heart right now, whether physical or emotional. The Lovers card reminds you that you have a support system around you and that you are on your way to healing emotional or physical trauma. This Major Arcana card often makes an appearance after a painful loss, but is a good sign that you are on your way to healing your wounds.

    The Reversed Lovers in Health

    Imbalance and disharmony can also creep into matters of health and wellness. If you are hanging onto relationships that are causing you heartache and emotional suffering it is time to walk away. Negative emotions and trauma can manifest in the physical body as disease. Remove anything toxic from your life and seek support from those you love.

    The Lovers Tarot Card and Your Spiritual Journey

    Divine love is at hand, the kind of love that is pure and spiritual. The angel Raphael holds out his arms, blessing and healing the couple standing beneath him. Their union has moved beyond the carnal into a pure and divine state. Unconditional love is the highest form of spiritual evolution, and in this sense, the effects of The Lovers card can benefit all of humanity.

    The Lovers in Reverse and Spirituality 

    Just don’t forget that temptation can pull us away from divine union. The Lovers card always offers a choice, so make your decisions from a place of honesty and compassion, and new doors will open to you.

    The Symbology of The Lovers Tarot Card

    The Lovers card is filled with symbolism and ancient knowledge. This Major arcana card depicts Adam and Eve standing in paradise, with the Tree of Knowledge on the left and the Tree of Life on the right. The angel Raphael is crowned by the sun, demonstrating his direct connection to the divine. The snake of temptation is winding up the tree in the background and the volcanic mountain in the background represents the fire and passion of their divine unity.

    Keywords for The Lovers Tarot Card

    • Love
    • Relationships
    • Harmony
    • Choices


    The Lovers Tarot Card Associations

    Element: Air

    Astrology: Mercury

    As a Yes or No question:  Definite Yes.


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