The Magician Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card - The MagicianThe Magician Says: “Manifest Your Dreams!”


The Magician tarot card is a wonderful card to get in your reading! It’s all about manifesting your dreams and creating the life that you want for yourself. The Magician is also about new beginnings, and he has the skills and talents to create the world exactly how he wants it.

Rather than just taking a leap of faith, The Magician reminds you that you have what it takes to succeed, but you need to be proactive and engage your power. He encourages you to use your intellect, talents, and skills to manifest your dreams, rather than just waiting (or hoping) for them to come true.


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What Does The Magician Mean For YOU?

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    The Magician Tarot Card Explained

    You’ve got what it takes to make it happen! That’s the general message of The Magician tarot card. With diligence and focus, you can create anything you desire, but you have to be deliberate in your actions and choices.

    Use your willpower and don’t underestimate your own abilities. Sometimes we don’t realize everything we have available to us. The Magician encourages us to have confidence and to be resourceful.

    The Magician Tarot Card in Your Past

    You come from a place of great accomplishment, thanks to your own hard work and diligence. This was a time of flow and accomplishment, where success seemed to come naturally. Your willpower and drive have enabled you to lay a solid foundation for yourself and it is from this point that you now move forward in your life.

    The Magician in Reverse in the Past

    It looks like you haven’t reached your full potential yet. When The Magician appears in the reversed position in your reading, it indicates that you might be unaware of some of the skills, tools, or talents you have at your disposal. But don’t worry, we always have opportunities to create a better life for ourselves!

    The Magician Tarot Card in Your Present

    You’ve arrived at a place in your life where you have everything you need to manifest your dreams and ambitions, but the time is now! Everything that you want is easily at your disposal, you just need to engage your determination and willpower to make it manifest.

    The Magician is a powerful card to receive, especially in the present position! Whether you are looking for love or a career change, this tarot card encourages you to dream big and go for it!

    The Magician in Reverse in the Present

    It’s time to take action to make your dreams come true, but you seem to be resisting. A reversed Magician indicated untapped potential. Additionally, it can indicate manipulation, so whether it’s indicative of someone in your life, or of your own behavior, take action to correct it.

    The Magician Tarot Card in the Future

    The Magician in the future position is telling you to keep going – you are almost there! You’ve been putting in the hard work and following the proper course of action to achieve your goals. Keep at it and continue honing all of your skills. You are about to have everything you need at your disposal to bring your vision to life.

    The Magician in Reverse in the Future

    Be careful of tricksers or manipulators in your future. There is a situation approaching that might involve someone charming that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. It might also indicate that a project or situation may not turn out as you have been hoping. The reversed Magician is putting you on the lookout for any situation that involves illusion and deceit.

    The Magician Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    Whether you’re looking for love or wanting to bring your relationship to the next level, The Magician is urging you to have faith in yourself and your dreams. You can create the relationship you want by being honest with yourself about your needs and staying true to your heart’s desire.

    Remember what you are bringing to the table in your relationship. With emotion, creativity, intellect, and abundance, you have the magic ingredients for the kind of true passion and commitment you deserve.

    The Reversed Magician in Romance

    Are you in a new relationship? Things may not be as they seem. The reversed Magician represents manipulation and deceit. Be sure to pay attention to any red flags and make sure that actions match words. On the other hand, it might be that you’re not utilizing everything you have at your disposal to manifest love in your life.

    The Magician Tarot Card and Your Career

    You will have an opportunity to be a leader in your field. Remain confident and stay committed to bringing your own original ideas to life. The Magician bodes well for finances and success and has appeared in your reading to remind you that the sky is the limit. Utilize all of the resources at your disposal and be fearless and determined in your objectives.

    The Reversed Magician in Career

    Are you wasting your talent? The reversed Magician is indicating that success in your career requires you to recognize all of the talents you bring into the workplace. Go ahead and take a chance toward what you desire in your career. This card in reverse might also indicate that there is some workplace deception going on. Be on notice for people with hidden agendas and be careful of the information you share with others.

    The Magician Tarot Card and Your Friends

    You’re about to get popular! The Magician is powerful, balanced, and successful. Everyone would like to be able to manifest their reality the way The Magician does. People and friends will gravitate toward you as you easily flow through challenges and master obstacles.

    The Reversed Magician and Friends

    Is there some gossip or manipulation going on behind the scenes in your social circle? Someone charming might have an alternate agenda that isn’t in your best interest. Is this person a real friend? Alternatively, you might need to put more effort into your social life. Don’t forget what you have to offer others!

    The Magician Tarot Card and Your Money

    You’re in a position to manifest abundance for yourself when The Magician makes an appearance in your tarot card reading. This card suggests that you have put in the hard work and effort, and are now in a place to reap the rewards. Use all of the skills you have at your disposal as you pursue your vision, and you are guaranteed success.

    The Reversed Magician and Money

    Are you missing a financial opportunity? Be sure you are putting your talents to good use! In order for dreams to turn into reality, you need to put in the effort with confidence. If you have a great business or investment idea, take stock of all of your talents and resources. On the other hand, it may be that the Magician in reverse is warning you of a scam or shady personality when it comes to a financial transaction or endeavor. Keep your eyes open and look for red flags.

    The Magician Tarot Card and Your Health

    Health and vitality are yours when The Magician lands in your tarot card spread! This is a very positive card in a wellness reading because The Magician has everything he needs right at his disposal. He has put in the work to build and hone his skills and can now create the world around him the way that he wants it to be. If you’ve put in the effort in terms of eating well, exercising, keeping your stress low, and staying joyful, its all going to pay off now!

    The Reversed Magician in Health

    Be careful of scams or illusions. Are you putting too much faith in the promise of health products or fad diets? The Magician in reverse reveals illusions and even trickery or manipulation. For optimum health, you need to put in the effort. Be resourceful!

    The Magician Tarot Card and Your Spiritual Journey

    If you have been on a path toward spiritual ascension, you are about to have a major breakthrough. The Magician connects the physical and spiritual worlds, acting as a channel between the two. If you have been devoting yourself to spiritual practice, your work is now paying off.

    The Magician in Reverse and Spirituality

    Are you struggling to see progress with your manifestation abilities or your spirituality in general? In order to manifest successfully, you have to be very clear in your goals and objectives and you also have to trust in the power of the universe!

    The Symbology of The Magician Tarot Card

    The Magician tarot card reminds us that we have all of the skills and tools at our disposal to create what we need in our lives. The illustration shows a man standing at a table with representations of all four elements laying on it. There is a chalice for emotions, a wand for creativity, a sword representing the mind and our intellect, and a pentacle for money and the physical world.

    With these four elements, The Magician can manifest anything. He connects the physical world with the spiritual and reminds you that you can do the same. Take stock of your own skills and assets. Sometimes we lose sight of the tools and talents that we have right in front of us.

    Keywords for The Magician Tarot Card

      • Manifestation
      • Infinite Possibilities
      • Resourcefulness
      • Power


    Other Associations of The Magician Tarot Card

    Element: Air

    Astrology: Mercury

    As a Yes or No question:  Yes


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