Strength Tarot Card Meanings


Tarot card - StrengthThe Strength Card Says: “My Inner Power is Compassionate”


Your inner power will enable you to overcome challenges with grace and calm. The compassionate and gentle power of The Strength card teaches us that we do not need to use force to achieve our goals.

Approach your hardships with bravery and confidence, and favor persuasion and influence over aggressive displays of power and fierceness.

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    The Strength Tarot Card Explained

    The Strength card follows The Chariot in the Major Arcana series. After we learn to use our strengths externally to overcome the stumbling blocks on your path, we must also learn more compassionate and refined ways of achieving our goals. The lesson of the Strength card is that we do not need to control others in order to succeed. We can rely on stamina, patience, and understanding to maintain harmony and balance in our lives.

    The Strength Tarot Card in Your Past

    The Strength card in your past position indicates that you have approached difficult situations with calm resolution. You refrained from aggressive confrontations even when times were tough. As they say, you catch more flies with honey, and this is true of most situations.

    Strength in Reverse in the Past

    The Strength card represents having self-mastery of your base instincts such as rage, guilt, jealousy, or shame. So, The Strength card showing up in the reverse position in your past suggests that you weren’t able to handle a difficult situation with grace and calm.

    Alternatively, you might have lost touch with your inner power. Some traumas can leave us shaken, with a loss of self-confidence. This Major Arcana card in reverse is asking you to bring your inner power back to a state of equilibrium.

    The Strength Tarot Card in Your Present

    Kudos to you for maintaining your composure through challenging times! Your non-confrontational nature is allowing you to handle difficult situations gracefully. The Strength card making an appearance in the present position of your tarot card reading is an excellent indicator of collaborative relationships and working with others in a cooperative way.

    Strength in Reverse in the Present

    If reversed, take a breath and find your center! Although our base emotions are natural, they do not necessarily help us to achieve the best possible outcome. Try to release your negative feelings in a safe way and then look to reconnect to your compassion and patience. Inner strength and serenity will guide you through rough times.

    The Strength Tarot Card in the Future

    You might have been struggling to maintain your composure lately, so The Strength card showing up in the future position is a welcome sign that you are about to get your emotions under control. The more you work on releasing the ego’s need for attachment and control, the more easily you will let painful events roll right off of your shoulders. As you grow your inner power, you will feel less inclined to need to control others or allow them to control you.

    Strength in Reverse in the Future

    When a situation arises that requires you to be courageous and stand for what you believe in, remember that you catch more flies with honey. Forcing your will lead to conflict and negative outcomes. Try to tap into your powers of persuasion instead.

    The Strength Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    Your love life forecast is full of passion and fiery romance! The Strength card in romance indicates a strong partnership that has a solid foundation in empathy and compassion. This allows you to really understand each other’s needs and vulnerabilities. A really close and deep bond can evolve from this energy.

    Strength Reversed in Romance

    But wherever there is intense passion there is a risk of explosive emotion! A reversed Strength card warns you to be on the lookout for fits of jealousy or anger. There could be a power imbalance where one partner becomes domineering and the other submissive. Be careful not to play into a codependent relationship. Be sure that both parties are coming from a place of empathy and compassion, and try to approach conflicts with patience and understanding.

    The Strength Tarot Card and Your Career

    Self-mastery of your raw emotions has allowed you to make bold career choices. Your passions still influence your work, but you are able to channel them into creative progress without creating conflict or chaos. If you’ve been considering making big changes in your work environment you only need to muster up the courage to take that leap!

    Strength Reversed in Career

    When reversed, you are feeling unsure about your value in the workplace, and worry that you don’t have what it takes to make it. Dig deep into your core power to restore your self-confidence. Your fear of making mistakes is preventing you from taking bold steps forward, but without taking some risks we would stay stuck forever.

    The Strength Tarot Card and Your Friends

    Your friends will be there for you when you need them, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for support when you need it! The Strength card of the Major Arcana is represented by the zodiac sign Leo. A social and likeable personality, this tarot card indicates harmonious relationships with friends and family. Your bond is strong and based on empathy and compassion, so there’s no need for you to go it alone.

    Strength Reversed and Friends

    Then again, with a reversed Strength card, you’ll be feeling emotionally explosive. Be careful who you freak out to! You need to be selective about who you vent to because not everyone can handle it.

    The Strength Tarot Card and Your Money

    You’ve been resisting the urge to spend money frivolously and are in a stable financial situation at this time. Continue to manage reckless impulses responsibly, and you will soon be in a position to make a large purchase if you choose to.

    Strength Reversed and Money

    Financial insecurity is indicated by the reversed Strength card, so if you really ought to make a financial investment in something but are too scared to do so, try to take the emotion out of your decision. Don’t let fears lead the way.

    The Strength Tarot Card and Your Health

    You are vibrant and glowing with inner power and this will be reflected in your physical health and wellbeing. Keeping those wild emotions in check does wonders for your stress levels, and we all know that stress can lead to all kinds of health problems. The Strength card indicates that you are feeling physically resilient and have a positive health outlook at this time.

    Strength Reversed in Health

    Are you feeling deflated or low on energy? Are you avoiding making investments in your health by committing to a new exercise routine or diet? If low self-esteem is holding you back, allow yourself to move forward in small steps. Set your goals in bite-sized pieces so that you’re climbing a staircase instead of a rock wall!

    The Strength Tarot Card and Your Spiritual Journey

    You’ll be having impressive and mind-opening realizations and experiences that will bring your spirituality to a whole new level. The Strength card of the Major Arcana is powerful, courageous, and limitless in potential, so don’t shy away from taking bold steps at this time! You are stronger than you realize and not even the sky’s the limit.

    Strength in Reverse in Spirituality

    Are you feeling insecure about your spiritual path? The Strength card in reverse indicates that low self-esteem or insecurity is holding you back. Focus on what feels right to you.

    The Symbology of Strength Tarot Card

    The lion depicted on The Strength card is symbolic of our animalistic nature, our raw emotions such as anger, violence, and displays of power. The woman holds the jaw of the lion in her hand gently, and it is clear that she has tamed the beast. She is able to manifest whatever she desires with her newfound self-mastery through compassion and persuasion rather than force.

    Keywords for the Strength Tarot Card

      • Influence
      • Personal Power
      • Persuasion
      • Compassion


    The Strength Tarot Card Associations


    Element: Fire

    Astrology: Leo

    As a Yes or No question: Yes!


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