Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card - TemperanceTemperance Says: “Approach Challenges with Balance and Harmony” 


The Temperance card of the Major Arcana is all about flow. It teaches moderation and balance,  being patient, and flexible. This is how enlightened beings are able to remain on a high vibration, no matter what challenges come your way.

Temperance knows how to find the path of least resistance and is asking you to do the same.  Be adaptable and approach challenging situations with grace and patience, and put your trust in the divine timing of the universe. Stay in the flow no matter what comes your way.

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    The Temperance Tarot Card Explained

    On The Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana, The Temperance card comes up after the Death card. It’s often the painful things in life that become our greatest teachers. When life asks us to let go of something that is very important to us, we begin to learn non-attachment. Temperance has discovered that adaptability, trust in the universe, and moderation brings us the greatest peace. When we surrender to the flow of the universe, we can begin to live an enlightened existence.

    The Temperance Tarot Card in Your Past

    Your recent past has been harmonious and calm, thanks to your patience and understanding. You’ve been living a life of moderation and balance, and that is paying off for you now. If you recently went through a major trauma, The Temperance card acknowledges that you really grew from this experience in a positive way!

    Temperance in the Reverse in the Past

    Because Temperance is in the reverse, you just experienced a time of imbalance and impatience. You may have gone through a tough period where you overreacted or behaved in an extreme way. Maybe you threw yourself into love too far too fast, spent way too much time at work at the expense of your relationships, or maybe you engaged in some reckless spending.

    The Temperance Tarot Card in Your Present

    Temperance has presented in your tarot card reading as a reminder to remain calm and patient in the face of any adversity. Are you dealing with a tough situation or relationship? Hang onto your grace and composure and all will be well.

    Temperance in the Reverse in the Present

    Are you falling into some extreme tendencies? Maybe you’re sinking into some negative thought patterns, or overindulging in something while neglecting your responsibilities. Temperance in reverse asks you to strive to bring some balance back into your life.

    The Temperance Tarot Card in Your Future

    Whatever you’re going through right now, you have peace and tranquility on the horizon! With Temperance in your future you just need to hang in there a little bit longer – your troubles are about to come to an end. Look forward to wellness and balance in your life, whether in relationships, career, or any other aspect of your life.

    Temperance in the Reverse in the Future

    When Temperance appears in the reverse in the future position she is advising you that there will be challenges ahead that you must approach with grace and calm. Be careful not to respond to difficult situations in an extreme way, whether it’s avoidance, reckless behavior, confrontation, or any other imbalance kind of response.

    The Temperance Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    In romance, the Temperance card represents the energies of harmony, balance, understanding, and patience in your relationship. Are there ways in which you can approach your relationship with more calm and generosity? Or maybe you aren’t speaking up enough? Either way, the Temperance card counsels finding the middle road. If you’re currently single, Temperance advises not jumping into new relationships too fast. Be patient and allow things to grow.

    Temperance in the Reverse in Love and Romance

    Are your standards too extreme for a healthy partnership? Maybe you’re in an all or nothing situation? The Temperance card in reverse advises you to take a step back to evaluate your relationship. Make sure that you and your partner are in an equal give and take situation, and if not, take concrete steps toward that.

    The Temperance Tarot Card and Your Career

    Be patient as you pursue your career goals! You will be successful, but allow things to take their time. The Temperance card is commending you for keeping your cool in challenging situations because this will be remembered by your co-workers. Good things come to those who wait, and that along with consistent effort, this will be the key to your success.

    Temperance in the Reverse and Your Career

    Things might be a little extreme at the office. Whether it’s you or the general environment, Temperance in reverse suggests that something is out of alignment in your career. It could also be that you are not maintaining a healthy balance between your work and your home life. Evaluate your current situation and see where you can better bring things into alignment.

    The Temperance Tarot Card and Your Friends

    Are you spending too much time with the same people? Are you the one always asking other to go out? Or, on the other hand, are you not giving enough attention to those you love? Temperance is all about balance, so look for any extremes in your social life. Maybe you are being too social while neglecting responsibilities, or you might be long overdue for some time out with your besties! Evaluate and find places that you can make adjustments.

    Temperance in the Reverse and Your Friends

    In reverse, Temperance is warning you that something is out of balance already and needs to be reined in. Look for ways in which you can bring some patience and harmony to your social circle.

    The Temperance Tarot Card and Your Money

    You’ve been patiently building and developing your resources, congratulations! Your diligence and moderation are paying off. But if you’ve been only saving and never enjoying spending some money on yourself, Temperance advises that it’s okay to do so every once in a while! In fact, in the spirit of moderation, it’s healthy to take the middle road. Your savings will still grow.

    Temperance in the Reverse and Your Money

    If you’ve been spending recklessly, Temperance will appear in the reverse to advise you to bring some balance into your financial life! Do enjoy yourself from time to time, but don’t lose track of your long term financial goals.

    The Temperance Tarot Card and Your Health

    Bring balance to the way you take care of your body! Do you have any excessive eating or drinking habits? Or maybe you’re not giving yourself enough nourishment in other ways? This can also pertain to your stress level and emotional health, because all of these aspects combine into your entire sense of wellbeing. Strive for balance and moderation.

    Temperance in the Reverse and Your Health

    Balance and harmony will lead you to better health, so if Temperance is showing up in the reverse, it means you need to make an extra effort to embody the qualities of this archetype. And remember that this applies to emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.

    The Temperance Tarot Card and Your Friends Spirituality

    Because the Temperance card embodies an enlightened state of being, in your tarot card reading this major arcana card indicates that you are connected to your higher self. This is a great time to take time out to channel any messages from your higher self. Whether you do this through mediation or walks in nature, you will be receiving clear messages from your guides.

    Temperance in the Reverse and Your Spirituality

    If reversed, strive for flow in your life! Try to get your head out of the mundane world and listen to your intuition. When we operate on fear and anxiety, or other low-level passions, we tend to miss the beautiful messages that come to us from the universe.

    The Meaning and Symbology of the Temperance Card

    The angel depicted on the Temperance card stands with one foot in the water and the other on the land. This is symbolic of remaining centered between our emotions (water) and the physical world (land). The angel pours water back and forth between two cups as if looking for the perfect mixture or balance for handling the situation at hand.

    Keywords for The Temperance Card

    • Balance
    • Moderation
    • Patience
    • Purpose

    The Temperance Card Associations

    Element: Fire

    Astrology: Sagittarius

    As a Yes or No question: Yes

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