The Fool Tarot Card Meanings


The FoolThe Fool Says: “Take a Chance!”


Are you wishing you had some more excitement in your life? Maybe you’re ready to try something completely different by going in a new direction? Whether you want a new chance at love or you’re eager to jump into a new career, The Fool tarot card says “Take a chance!” 

This innocent and childlike adventurer brings freedom and wonder into your life. He might be a little careless and naive, but The Fool reminds us that sometimes we need to take a leap of faith to open the door to an exciting new adventure.

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    The Fool Tarot Card Explained

    It might sound bad from the name, but The Fool tarot card is not a negative card at all! In fact, it’s associated with the number zero – the number of infinite potential. In the Major Arcana, The Fool represents you, the main character,  journeying through life. So, when The Fool shows up in your reading, get ready for major change and transformation!

    The Fool tarot card is all about living in the present moment and enjoying your life without worry. Just look at how happy the man in the card is in spite of his treacherous surroundings. Sometimes we need to take a little risk, even if we aren’t sure how things will turn out, because, if we never try, we will never know what could have been! The Fool reminds you to stay true to your heart and follow your dreams.

    The Fool Tarot Card in Your Past

    Did you start a new job or career recently? Or maybe you moved to a new country or began a new romantic relationship? When upright, The Fool in the past position suggests that there was a new beginning that was set in motion a while ago, that will now be playing out in your life.

    The Fool in Reverse in the Past

    If the card lands in reverse in your spread, it might mean that you missed an opportunity or you were too reckless in some of your choices. But don’t worry, we can always make changes in life! The Fool makes his journey through the Major Arcana over and over, as do we every time we start a new chapter in our lives.


    The Fool Tarot Card in Your Present

    When The Fool shows up in the present position of your tarot spread, he is encouraging you to go for it! Is there an exciting possibility ahead that you’re feeling a little nervous or unsure about? The message here is to seize the day! Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous! Go ahead and follow your heart.

    The Fool tarot card in the present position is a very powerful card. Take a chance and enjoy a fresh start if your heart is calling you to do so. Let your inner child play and try not to let responsibilities and commitments dictate your life.

    The Fool in Reverse in the Present

    Take a moment to make sure you’re not acting recklessly when this card appears in the reverse. Keep your wits about you and don’t lose your head! You don’t want The Fool’s childish innocence to lead you right off of a cliff! However, if you’re missing a great opportunity because you’re too afraid to take a risk, then this reversal is asking you to trust in the universe and jump in!


    The Fool Tarot Card in the Future

    It’s looking like a new adventure might be just around the corner! Whether the love of your life is about to cross your path or your dream job is about to pop up, The Fool in the future position is really exciting! Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and try not to let worries or fears stand in your way. Enjoy what the universe is bringing you and just say “Yes, I can!”

    The Fool in Reverse in the Future

    Beware of reckless tendencies in the upcoming days and weeks. The Fool in reverse can be a bit of a loose cannon, and when he presents in the future position, you’re being put on notice not to avoid all responsibility. Alternately, if you’re blocking your inner child, this card might also pop up in reverse. Try to find balance.



    The Fool Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    The Fool tarot card has appeared in your tarot reading to tell you to be spontaneous, take a risk, and follow your heart in love! If you’re single, this card is a sign of a new beginning, so stay open to possibilities! You may be crossing paths with your soulmate at any moment.

    If you’re in a committed relationship, your love will probably be going to the next level or undergoing a necessary change. Don’t let fears stop you. Go ahead and plan that romantic getaway or put yourself out there so you can find that perfect relationship. The Fool is telling you that the time is right!

    The Reversed Fool in Romance

    Put yourself out there if you’re looking for love! The reversed Fool reminds you that you can’t find your soulmate sitting at home. Approach your love life with childlike optimism and fun!


    The Fool Tarot Card and Your Career 

    Have you been thinking about starting your own business? When The Fool makes an appearance in a career spread, a new opportunity will likely present itself in the near future. This could also mean a promotion at work or change in your job description for the better. Be ready to seize the opportunity when it presents itself, even if you’re not totally sure how it will turn out!

    The Reversed Fool in Career

    Don’t pass up a great career opportunity because you’re allergic to risk! The Fool in reverse advises you to follow your passions in the workplace. You may have a chance to land your dream job – don’t let fear hold you back.


    The Fool Tarot Card and Your Friends

    It looks like you are about to have some fun with your friends! The Fool is carefree and spontaneous and lives his life in the present moment. You will probably be meeting some new people who you can explore the world with.

    The Reversed Fool and Friends

    Avoid excess or recklessness when you’re out with your friends right now. The Fool in reverse can be too much of a risk-taker. On the other hand, if you’re being a stick in the mud and missing out on all of the fun, try to embody the freedom of this Major Arcana card. 


    The Fool Tarot Card and Your Money

    It looks like a risk you took or an investment you made will finally be paying off! When it comes to money matters, The Fool suggests that you’ll probably be getting a raise or payout. A new chapter is starting for you, and the change is definitely for the better.

    The Reversed Fool and Money

    However, if this card appears in the reversed position, be careful of reckless spending or risky business. The Fool card in the reverse can suggest excess. It advises you to be careful not to walk blindly without looking, or you might step over the edge of the cliff!


    The Fool Tarot Card and Your Health 

    Good health or an improvement in your health is in store for you! Enjoy freedom from burdens and anxiety, because your health is not going to be something you need to worry about. 

    The Reversed Fool in Health

    You need to curb any risky behavior that is contributing negatively to your health! Be careful not to abuse drugs, alcohol, or engage in other behaviors that can lead to illness. Keep one foot on the ground and be mindful of your body’s wellbeing.


    The Fool Tarot Card and Your Spiritual Journey

    Your spirituality is about to rise to the next level! The Fool encourages you to follow your heart and trust your intuition. Don’t let worry and conventions prevent you from embracing what feels right to you. 

    The Fool in Reverse and Spirituality

    Don’t try to control things or fit them into a box. Instead, take a leap of faith and trust the universe has your back. Your spiritual evolution requires you to trust in the universe even when you can’t see how things will unfold.


    The Symbology of The Fool Tarot Card

    In the Tarot, The Fool is looking for adventure and experience. As he journeys through the remaining cards of the Major Arcana, he will be faced with challenges and lessons. He is at the beginning of his journey, with a carefree and spontaneous attitude, and is open to endless possibilities. This is a time to dream big and not let worries or responsibilities deter you from your path. 

    The Fool is at ease carrying everything he needs over his shoulder. In his hand, he holds a flower and his face is peaceful and serene. He doesn’t even seem bothered by the rugged terrain surrounding him! Don’t be afraid to be a free-spirit at this point in your life! Step out confidently.

    Keywords for The Fool Tarot Card

    • New Beginnings
    • Innocence
    • Free Spirit
    • Childish Wonder

    The Fool Tarot Card Associations

    Element: Air

    Astrology: Uranus

    Yes/No Question:  Yes

    Misc: Shoshin (初心) is a word from Zen Buddhism. It means a ‘Beginners Mind’, which refers to having an attitude of eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would. The Fool is often like this; eager to start and having no debilitating concerns that somebody experienced may have.

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