The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings


The High PriestessThe High Priestess Says: “Listen to Your Intuition”

Are you unsure about a love relationship or career opportunity? When you’re faced with a problem or major decision, The High Priestess encourages you to explore your unconscious mind for answers. This Major Arcana card represents wisdom, sacred knowledge, and spiritual attunement, and asks you to embrace your divine feminine aspect by surrendering to the universe and “going with the flow.”

The Major Arcana cards of the tarot guide each and every one of us through a process of integrating our physical and spiritual selves. Much of what we do in life is practical and on the surface, but some things call for looking deep within for solutions.

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What does the High Priestess Mean For YOU?

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    The High Priestess Tarot Card Explained

    The High Priestess is a powerful card to receive in any tarot reading. She urges you to avoid conflict and listen to your inner knowing. Are you facing a tough decision? Maybe there are so many options available to you that you’re not sure which one to choose?

    This is a time when sitting in stillness and listening to your heart is in order. You already know which option feels right, and The High Priestess encourages you to remain true to that inner knowing.

    The High Priestess Tarot Card in Your Past

    You recently put your intuition to good use when making a major decision, and this will serve you well moving forward. When the past position reveals The High Priestess, it confirms that you recently used your inner wisdom to solve a problem or initiate a major transformation in your life. Your patience and trust in the flow of the universe have put you on a good path. Keep listening to your inner voice as you move forward in your life.

    The High Priestess in Reverse in the Past

    Was your intuition trying to tell you something but you didn’t listen? Did you push forward with logic and reason without considering the messages from your subconscious? In the reversed position in the past, The High Priestess represents a time where were you were disconnected from your inner wisdom. Whatever choices you made at that time are influencing you today.

    The High Priestess Tarot Card in Your Present

    Can you tell the difference between your thoughts and your intuition? When the High Priestess emerges in your reading, she is guiding you to a place of quiet self-reflection. This tarot card represents sacred knowledge and wisdom, so getting it in the present position advises you to look for answers within.

    When you stop the mental chatter and listen to your heart, do you already know what the “right” answer is? Try to clear the mind of fears and worries and listen to what feels right to you. Pay attention to your feelings and your dreams, and everything else that is being revealed to you beneath the surface.

    The High Priestess in Reverse in the Present

    Whatever situation is unfolding in your life right now, it’s a good idea to pause and take some time for introspection. Don’t force your will or try to rationalize solutions. We always need to use our minds to solve problems, but without listening to our inner voice, we often end up with solutions that don’t work for us in the end. The High Priestess in reverse in the present position is telling you that your intuition is very important at this current moment.

    The High Priestess Tarot Card in the Future

    There may be a big decision on the horizon where things may not be as they seem. Be careful not to take the situation at face value. Listen to your intuition and read between the lines as challenges come up. Answers to your questions might be revealed to you in your dreams or sudden moments of insight. Trust your heart and move forward with patience and calm.

    The High Priestess in Reverse in the Future

    Be sure to stay connected to your gut feeling about any conflict that may arise in the coming weeks or months. Someone may be being dishonest with you and The High Priestess in reverse is putting you on notice to watch for signs and listen to your intuition.

    The High Priestess Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    If you are currently single, you might be surprised to discover some things happening behind the scenes. The High Priestess is a card of mystery and intense emotion and in Pagan tradition, The High Priestess herself is a symbol of fertility, sexuality, and the union of the physical and spiritual. You may discover hidden passions or surprising connections. Follow your heart rather than your mind if a conflict arises, and opt for listening rather than confrontation.

    The Reversed High Priestess in Romance

    Are you hiding your true self from your partner? Are you hiding your true desires from yourself? The High Priestess in reverse represents hidden information in your romantic relationship. Whether they are your true feelings or those of your partner, take time to listen to your inner voice, and let it guide you.

    The High Priestess Tarot Card and Your Career

    In a career reading, receiving The High Priestess tells you that some secrets or hidden information will soon be revealed to you. This information is going to be beneficial to you, so be patient and trust that the universe will be helping you behind the scenes. If your work involves spiritual practice or divination, expect your abilities to be heightened at this time. Stay attuned to your highest self and let your intuition guide you.

    The Reversed High Priestess in Career

    If you’re feeling isolated at work, you probably already know why, but you’re not listening to that inner voice! The High Priestess in reverse in your career reading suggests that you don’t have all of the information you need and there might be someone at your workplace that is deceiving you. Listen to your gut!

    The High Priestess Tarot Card and Your Friends

    Is there drama unfolding behind the scenes? The High Priestess sees the unseen and hears the unspoken. If she appears in your tarot card reading in the context of your social circles, expect some surprises! There may be some conflicts brewing, so be sure not to poke the bear. Approach your relationships with calm and don’t try to control the outcome.

    The Reversed High Priestess and Friends

    You might have a friend who is gossiping or badmouthing you behind the scenes. With the High Priestess in reverse, you probably also know who it is but you’re refusing to see it. Don’t make excuses or justify things with your mind when your intuition is telling you something else.

    The High Priestess Tarot Card and Your Money

    Things are not as they seem on the surface. When it comes to money, The High Priestess puts you on notice to pay attention to unusual circumstances or clues that there might be something else going on behind the scenes. This can bring you great fortune, but not necessarily in the way that you might expect! Remain patient and pay close attention.

    The Reversed High Priestess and Money

    If you’re about to make a major investment or sign an important financial agreement, push the pause button! The High Priestess in reverse regarding your financial situation indicates that you don’t have all of the information you need. Take a moment to investigate and listen to your gut if you have any reservations.

    The High Priestess Tarot Card and Your Health

    Fertility, sexuality, and pregnancy are all aspects of The High Priestess tarot card, so if you received her in your health and wellness reading, you might want to schedule that extra doctor’s appointment! She is generally a very positive card, but she does indicate that there is more going on than meets the eye. Take some time to observe and investigate and be ready for possible surprises. 

    The Reversed High Priestess in Health

    Are you ignoring symptoms? Do you have a nagging feeling that there is something wrong but you are ignoring it because you are in denial to don’t want to deal with it? You need to be thankful of the messages that your intuition is sending you – they are there to help you! So, go ahead and listen to that inner voice and take action.

    The High Priestess Tarot Card and Your Spiritual Journey

    The High Priestess is your spiritual guide and she’s making an appearance in your reading to remind you to embrace your divine feminine. She’s the channel between the physical and spiritual realms, the quiet stillness where your intuition speaks to you. If she appears in a tarot card reading about your spiritual journey, you are about to undergo a major transformation.

    Expect important insights and messages through dreams and sudden flashes of awareness. Your intuition is at an all-time high right now and your spiritual practice is about to reach a new level.

    The High Priestess in Reverse and Spirituality

    You seem to be disconnected from your intuition at this moment and it’s blocking your spiritual life. Your inner wisdom is integral to your spiritual fulfillment, so take some time for quiet reflection!

    The Symbology of The High Priestess Tarot Card

    The High Priestess is a card of duality and integration. She represents new beginnings, fertility, and the incorporation of the spiritual into your life and urges us to find hidden truths and information deep in the unconscious.

    Additionally, she knows that life is full of constant change and that our efforts to control the world around us ultimately fail. There is wisdom in knowing when to let go and surrender to the universe and the High Priestess advises us to carry this adaptability with us as we move through our lives.

    Keywords for The High Priestess Tarot Card

      • Intuition
      • Divine Feminine
      • Wisdom
      • Sacred Knowledge


    The High Priestess Tarot Card Associations

    Element: Water

    Astrology: Moon

    As a Yes or No question: Unclear, or, the question is not as straightforward as Yes and No.

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