The Star Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card - The StarThe Star Says: “Trust in the future and hold on to your dreams”


The Star is a lovely card to get in any tarot card reading! It brings a message of hope, renewal, and positivity to your tarot card spread. And after dealing with The Tower card, it’s about time for an inspirational message!

You’ve been through a lot, but don’t lose hope because the universe is about to bless you with everything that you need. This card is full of generosity and calm and highlights your divine connection to the universe at this time.

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    The Star Tarot Card Explained

    You’re wishing upon a star when this Major Arcana card makes an appearance in your tarot card reading, and the good news is that your wishes are about to come true! Will it be new love, or taking your relationship to the next level? The energies of hope and faith surround you and are supporting you in a brand new path or direction. You have a lot to be optimistic about because the universe is blessing you at this time.

    The Star Tarot Card in the Past

    You must have initiated a beautiful new idea recently for The Star to show up in your reading in the past position. Whatever inspired you, you acted on it and it brought you to the place you are at today! This card is also about self-healing and nurturing, so you might be coming out of a time of pampering yourself, heart and soul. If you are happy with where this has led you, then always remember that your dreams can turn into reality. If it didn’t quite develop into what you wanted, The Star card is here to remind you that we ought to follow our dreams, but we do need some practicality to back up our actions.

    The Star in Reverse in the Past

    Did you lose hope recently? Did you give up on a dream? A reversed Star card asks you to take a moment to see if your loss of optimism might have prevented you from pursuing your dreams? Take some time to look at your current situation. When we give up on our dreams, we don’t end up where we want to be in life.

    The Star Tarot Card in the Present

    Are you falling in love with someone new or a new idea? You’re surrounded by hope and inspiration right now. The Star card in your present position is a symbol of your innermost wishes and dreams and you are about to begin a new journey! But because this Major Arcana card also represents purity and vulnerability, do be sure that you aren’t seeing things through rose-colored glasses. We want to stay connected to our purset desires, but also keep one foot on the ground.

    The Star in Reverse in the Present

    You need to go outside tonight and look at the stars and remember that wishes can come true! The Star in reverse is telling you that you’ve lost hope in your own dreams. But our dreams can’t come true if we don’t believe in them! Even if you’re going through a really tough time right now, you can control the energy you bring into your life. Surround yourself with things that bring joy and faith into your life, and soon your life will begin to reflect the same.

    The Star Tarot Card in the Future

    No matter what is going on in your life right now, and no matter how difficult it might be, don’t give up hope! The Star in your future is here to tell you that you will have a chance at beginning something brand new and beautiful in the very near future! You will find peace and rejuvenation and you will heal from whatever painful event you went through.

    The Star in Reverse in the Future

    It’s time to reevaluate your plans, because your current path won’t end up the way you’re hoping it will. Don’t despair though! The Star card in reverse is just a little messenger giving you a heads up to be practical instead of naive. Be careful of people who bring you down or promise you the moon.

    The Star Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    The romance of your dreams is before you and The Star card asks you to allow yourself to heal completely by letting go of any past hurts. Only then can the universe will bless you by fulfilling your dreams. If you are single, your radiant optimism is making you magnetic, and you will attract someone equally charismatic. If you are in a relationship, this will be a time of healing past wounds and rejuvenating your partnership.

    The Star in Reverse in Love and Romance

    Are you swept off of your feet by something? Are you ignoring the signs? Do you have that little voice in the back of your mind telling you to be careful of something, but you don’t want to listen because you are caught up in the moment? The Star in the future is warning you that if you allow yourself to get caught up in dreamland, you might be in for despair and hopelessness in the future, when things turn out differently than they seemed they would.

    Do you feel like you’re in a rut? If you’re single and feeling really down on your luck, like you’ll never find your soulmate, remember that you attract what you embody! Tune into your innermost wishes and reconnect to your hope. Your optimism and positivity will bring love into your life. If divine love is what you’re dreaming of, you need to bring yourself up to that level. Only then can you attract someone with that energy!

    The Star Tarot Card in Your Career

    If things have been tough at work then feel free to breathe a deep sigh of relief! The Star is here to let you know that your wishes will come true! Keep your hopes high and let your optimism fill the air at work. If you’re currently looking for a new job, it’s just around the corner.

    The Star in Reverse in Your Career

    You need to turn that frown upside down! When things get tough, it’s normal and easy to fall into pessimism and negativity, but that will only make success harder to achieve. The Law of Attraction reminds us that we attract what we put out into the world, so if you want that dream job, you need to be the dream job! The Star card in reverse is telling you to embody the energy of The Star in the upright – be hopeful and optimistic even when times are tough.

    The Star Tarot Card and Your Friends

    You’re in for a light-hearted time of fun and camaraderie with your friends and family! The Star card brings hopefulness and optimism and may help you to release old conflicts or memories of unpleasant times. Enjoy this time of renewal and healing!

    The Star in Reverse and Your Friends

    Despair and hopelessness might be impacting your social life negatively when a reversed Star card appears in your tarot card spread. Whether it’s coming from you or your friends, it’s important to keep the energy up and hopeful. You may also wind up in conflict if someone is being overly naive and making choices based in fantasy. Try to bring practicality to the situation.

    The Star Tarot Card and Your Money

    Finances are looking good! Keep up the positivity and continue to work toward your financial dreams! If things have been tough, a great opportunity is just around the corner. Be ready and willing to take a calculated risk when the opportunity arises. It will pay off!

    The Star in Reverse and Your Money

    It looks like you’ve given up on your financial goals before hope is actually lost! Don’t let despair and pessimism keep you from pursuing your dreams. Embody hope and optimism and your hard work will pay off.

    The Star Tarot Card and Your Health

    If you’ve been struggling with an illness, The Star card signals a recovery is on the horizon! This major Arcana card represents rejuvenation and restoration after a period of struggle and pain. In a health and wellness reading, this card is a wonderful beacon of hope and optimism for your future!

    The Star in Reverse and Your Health

    Remember the saying “Laughter is the best medicine?” Well, in the case of The Star card in reverse, you’re receiving a message to bring more optimism and positivity into your life regarding your health. Negativity and pessimism can negatively influence your physical and emotional wellbeing. So, add some laughter to the menu and try to bring some lighthearted energy into your life. You will feel the difference!

    The Star Tarot Card and Your Spirituality

    Your spirituality is at an all-time high. At the deepest level of your soul, your inner child still has a dream. It’s this dream that is in direct connection to the universe. When you let your dreams radiate out from you through your hopes and actions, you are in direct connection with the divine.

    The Star in Reverse and Your Spirituality

    When we get caught up in negative thoughts and despair, we are at our furthest from the divine energy of the universe. Rekindle your spiritual flame by allowing hope and inspiration to rejuvenate you.

    The Meaning and Symbology of The Star

    The Star card depicts a woman pouring water from two pitchers. In her left hand, she is pouring water into a pond, or our subconscious. With her right hand, she is pouring water onto the ground, our physical world. The message is that we must nourish both our dreams and our practical reality in order to manifest our desires, but everything begins with inspiration.

    Keywords for The Star Card

    • Hope
    • Renewal
    • Healing
    • Rejuvenation


    The Star Card Associations

    Element: Air

    Astrology: Aquarius

    As a Yes or No question: Yes


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