The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card - The SunThe Sun Says: “Be Optimistic! Abundance and Success are Headed Your Way!”


The Sun is giving you a reason to smile! Whenever this Major Arcana card blesses your tarot card reading you can be sure that things are going well! The Sun brings positivity, joy, and vitality to whatever situation you are dealing with right now. Whatever you have gone through, you made it, and happiness will now be yours.

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    The Sun Tarot Card Explained

    Positive energy is all around you sending warmth and confidence to all that you do. Just like the sun in our sky makes the plants grow and gives us light and warmth, The Sun card of the tarot is also representative of the source. It comes toward the end of the Major Arcana after The Fool has made his journey through many obstacles and challenges. All of these trials have made the querent a better person because he now knows how to live in the light.

    The Sun in Reverse

    Bring yourself back to a place of centeredness. Sometimes the energies of The Sun can get out of balance. If you are overly confident or lacking in optimism, these energies are too extreme either in the positive or negative direction. This is what The Sun card in reverse is suggesting.

    The Sun Tarot Card in the Past

    You have a history of bringing joy to those around you because you brought happiness with you wherever you went. People were attracted to you because of this and it made you admired and respected by many. Your optimism and joy have brought you to the place you are today, so be sure to keep these qualities with you as you move forward in life!

    The Sun in the Reverse in the Past

    Were you lacking in confidence in the past? Or maybe you were scolded for being too bold? The Sun in the reverse indicates that there was a time in your past where your confidence was out of whack. It might have caused you to miss some opportunities. Wherever you are in your life today, strive for a healthy and balanced level of positivity and vitality, and success will be yours.

    The Sun Tarot Card in the Present

    You are shining like the sun right now and success is following you in whatever you do! Your relationships are joyful, your career is fulfilling, and you’re enjoying recognition. Whatever aspect The Sun card represents in your reading, it will be positive and abundant.

    You’re full of energy and optimism right now and the world is your oyster. This tarot card indicates that you are at your most powerful right now but in a healthy way.

    The Sun in the Reverse in the Present

    You’re probably feeling sad or low on energy since The Sun card has presented in the reversed position. Conversely, if you’re treating people disrespectfully or giving yourself too much credit, this card will also present in the reverse. The Sun card represents healthy confidence, vitality, and power, which means that it is deserved and not at anyone else’s expense. Bring your confidence back to an honest place.

    The Sun Tarot Card in the Future

    Whatever you are dealing with right now you are guaranteed an excellent outcome! The Sun in the future position of your tarot card reading is telling you that everything is going to work out in your favor! If you’re having some trouble in your love life or some problems at work, don’t fret. You will be happy with the end result soon enough.

    The Sun in the Reverse in the Future

    Don’t forget to stay positive! With The Sun in reverse in the future, you might feel the urge to fall into sadness or you might begin to question yourself. Maintain your confidence and positive outlook! On the other hand, if your tendency is to get a little full of yourself, make the effort to keep your self-confidence in check in the near future, so you don’t mess up a good thing.

    The Sun Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    Your love life is on fire! If you’re currently single, it’s time to step out there and let yourself shine. You’re magnetic to those around you and your energy is definitely going to draw attention. Because The Sun card also represents harmony and joy, you are likely to attract someone warm and well-suited. If you’re currently in a relationship, your partnership is going to blossom. You are growing closer to one another and are both feeling fulfilled and happy.

    The Sun in the Reverse in the Future

    A reversed Sun card reminds you to stay positive and joyful when it comes to love and romance. You won’t meet your soulmate sulking at home! Step out with a positive attitude and have confidence in yourself! Don’t pretend to be something you’re not and don’t hide away either. With optimism and vitality, you are destined to attract that perfect relationship into your life.

    The Sun Tarot Card in Your Career

    You’re shining at work right now! You’re filled with enthusiasm and motivation and your peers are definitely noticing! Whether you are fulfilled at your workplace or currently looking for a new job, The Sun card represents success and the attainment of your goals and dreams. Keep that positivity shining because it’s exactly this that is leading you to success and abundance.

    The Sun in the Reverse in Your Career

    If you’re not quite there yet, The Sun card in reverse advises you to stay positive! Maybe you’re still waiting to land that perfect job. Keep your enthusiasm up because it will make you magnetic in your interviews. On the other hand, if you’ve been confident in all of your meetings, maybe try bringing a bit more humility into your interactions and see if it has a positive impact.

    The Sun Tarot Card and Your Friends

    You’re the life of the party right now and people are clamoring to hang out with you. Your optimism and positive energy are infectious. You’ve become the leader of the pack and your friends are enjoying basking in your warm glow! Go ahead and share the positive vibes!

    The Sun in the Reverse in the Future

    Are you being a downer lately? The Sun card in reverse reminds you to let your inner child come out to play! Go ahead and make some plans with your friends to breathe some new life into your relationships.

    The Sun Tarot Card and Your Money

    Your financial outlook is sunny and abundant! You are experiencing a period of reward and stability – everything is going your way. The sun also illuminates all things, so you are able to take comfort in the fact that secrets aren’t lurking behind the scenes.

    The Sun in the Reverse and Your Money

    Are you being overly pessimistic about a financial hiccup? The Sun card in reverse can indicate that you’re being overly negative and that your hardship will be over soon, so don’t lose faith! On the other hand, you might be being overly optimistic without doing your due diligence. If you’re about to take a big risk, be sure to do more research.

    The Sun Tarot Card and Your Health

    You’re strong and in good health right now. In a health reading, the Sun card represents a positive outlook on your wellbeing, both emotional and physical. You’re full of motivation right now, so if you had plans to make some investments into your wellbeing like a new exercise routine, it’s a great time to start!

    The Sun in the Reverse and Your Health

    Have you become pessimistic about a health situation? The Sun reminds you to stay positive because things will turn in your favor. Just keep a positive attitude.

    The Sun Tarot Card and Your Spirituality

    You’re magnetic and influential right now, so use all of that energy to inspire others. The Sun card represents abundance, warmth, and joy, so if you can guide others to pursue a life of high vibration, do so!

    The Sun in the Reverse and Your Spirituality

    You might be overly confident in your own spiritual beliefs right now, so don’t let your excitement turn to arrogance. In the reverse, The Sun card warns you not to become egotistical. Conversely, don’t be afraid to stand in your beliefs either. Maintain balance and bring optimism and joy to your spiritual endeavors.

    The Meaning and Symbology of The Sun Card

    A baby sits upon a white horse under the shining sun. The horse represents purity and strength, and the baby symbolizes a new chapter in your life and a return to innocence. In the background of the image, there are four sunflowers, one for each of the suits of the Major Arcana. The card’s message is to balance all things in life and maintain a positive attitude!

    Keywords for The Sun Card

    • Joy
    • Optimism
    • Success
    • Vitality


    The Sun Card Associations

    Element: Fire

    Astrology: Leo

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