The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card - The TowerThe Tower Says: “Destruction Brings Freedom and Opportunity”


The Tower brings major disruption, but it’s always in the service of something better. Normally, the tower represents the falling apart of the false ego, an inauthentic way of life.

When something is built on a shaky foundation, it eventually falls down. This is the message of The Tower card. However, this falling apart is happening to make room for something new and better, so don’t panic! Embrace the change with courage.

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    The Tower Tarot Card Explained

    In its essence, The Tower represents a groundbreaking change. It doesn’t always foretell chaos and destruction, though by the look of the card you might think so! Lighting strikes a stone tower and people are jumping from the windows to escape the flames. This card follows The Devil card in the Major Arcana, and the message is clear: do not resist change or the universe will force it upon you.

    The Tower in the Reverse

    The reversed Tower card will be interpreted in different ways depending on the surrounding cards. It could indicate that you are resisting change, that the impending change has been delayed, or that you have altogether avoided a destructive citation.

    The Tower Tarot Card in Your Past

    You have some major upheaval or trauma in your recent past that is still affecting your life today. The good news is that it is now behind you! After the destruction of The Tower, new opportunities await you. The transformation could have been something physical, such as a divorce or death of a loved one, or it could be internal.

    The Tower in the Reverse in the Past

    In the reversed position, The Tower indicates that you avoided a traumatic event in your recent past, or perhaps you delayed it. The message of The Tower is to accept change. The old ways must go in order for you to awaken to higher consciousness.

    The Tower Tarot Card in Your Present

    When the world is falling apart around you there is no sense in sitting around and going down in flames. Jump to your freedom while you still can. There is a great upheaval in your life when the Tower card appears in the present position. There is no stopping this change because the faulty foundations have been exposed. However, this can really be seen as a blessing, because the illusions and lies will also go down in flames!

    The Tower in the Reverse in the Present

    You may have just narrowly missed a traumatic situation. Phew! The Tower in reverse indicates that a major upheaval was either delayed or avoided. If you are aware of negative or false influences in your life that need to go, make the move now. Otherwise, the Tower will crop up again later to finish cleaning house.

    The Tower Tarot Card in Your Future

    There’s no easy way to say it. In the future position, The Tower card indicates that you are in for some major upheaval and life-altering change. It’s true that these shocking events can shake us to the core, but they also force us to grow spiritually. Like the baby bird that gets kicked out of the nest so that it can learn to fly, a tower moment will have you feeling like the world is out of control. Stay calm and remember that these lessons are training grounds, and you will emerge the better for it.

    The Tower in the Reverse in the Future

    The Tower in the reverse can indicate a transformation on an internal or spiritual level. You may be releasing long-held beliefs or traditions or experiencing a spiritual awakening. In the reverse, the Tower can also indicate a resistance to change.

    The Tower Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    In romantic relationships, The Tower comes along to give you the extra push you need to take a difficult leap forward. If your relationship is built on a weak or rocky foundation, expect that your commitment is likely to be swept away in favor of something better that will come along in the near future. If you are currently single, you will be undergoing a profound transformation regarding your perspective on love.

    The Tower in the Reverse in Love and Romance

    The reversed Tower is advising you to deal with any foundational issues in your relationship now before the problem gets worse. If you can see a complete change in direction as an opportunity instead of resisting inevitable change, then the energy of The Tower card won’t be quite as challenging as it could be.

    The Tower Tarot Card and Your Career

    It looks like your office is about to become chaotic. The Tower card in a career reading indicates that there is going to be some upheaval and disruption in the workplace. Whether you are suddenly saddled with an extra workload or a part of a round of layoffs, everything is about to get shaken up. Just remember that with the shake up there is always an opportunity to start fresh from a clean slate. More often than not this turns out to be a blessing in disguise!

    The Tower in the Reverse and Your Career

    You might have just gotten really lucky regarding a round of layoffs or some other disruptive situation at the office. A reversed Tower card suggests that some mishap in your career was avoided or delayed. The Tower energy comes along to test the stability of the foundation of things. Double-check to make sure that you aren’t clinging to a sinking ship!

    The Tower Tarot Card and Your Friends

    In a friends reading, The Tower warns that something tumultuous is about to happen in your relationships. Take a close look at who really has your back, and who might put you at risk. Could someone reveal personal information about you? Is someone likely to betray your trust if they’re put to the test? However it manifests, something is going to fundamentally change the dynamic of your current friendships.

    The Tower in the Reverse and Your Friends

    The Tower in reverse is a little less daunting, but still appears as a warning. Your tower moment might be a bit delayed, but don’t ignore the message. This placement is giving you an opportunity to take some preemptive precautions.

    The Tower Tarot Card and Your Money

    A financial crisis is coming at you right now. The Tower card comes as a big wake up call. You may experience a sudden financial loss or crisis that impacts your finances negatively. Try to take this opportunity to set some money aside and get your financial ducks in a row!

    The Tower in the Reverse and Your Money

    Did you just narrowly escape a financial crisis? The Tower card in reverse indicates that you may just barely avoided a crisis, but are you in a position where you could repeat this pattern? When this major arcana card appears, it demands that we make fundamental changes. The reversed position suggests that crisis was delayed, but if the foundations aren’t fixed, the tower will simply return later, and probably more forcefully.

    The Tower Tarot Card and Your Health

    The Tower card is not a good message to receive in a health reading, but remember that even unexpected difficulties can result in a positive outcome in the end. This Major Arcana card will take something away, but at the same time, it will open doors to a new way of life. If you know that you have specific health problems or habits that are having a negative impact on your health, take the time to clean up your act now.

    The Tower in the Reverse and Your Health

    The Tower card in the reverse suggests that the crisis may not be imminent, but don’t ignore the messenger! Make the appropriate changes so you don’t wind up with an even more difficult complication at the end. It’s always better to nip problems in the bud!

    The Tower Tarot Card in Spirituality

    You’re facing a major change regarding your spiritual path right now, but don’t worry! You might have an experience that makes you question everything that you once believed, or something might happen to turn everything on its head! Just remember that the Tower shows up in your reading when its time to start over with a clean slate. This letting go and trusting in the universe is all part of your ascension.

    The Tower in the Reverse and Your Spirituality

    You’re undergoing an intense spiritual transformation, you may even be experiencing a dark night of the soul. Remember that when we are alone in darkness we can really hear the whispers of our soul. Be brave and trust in the universe to bring you to the next level.

    Meaning and Symbology of the Tower Card

    When lighting strikes The Tower, everything is suddenly illuminated in a flash of light. Just one impact and the whole tower starts to crumble. This is because it was built on illusions and a shaky foundation. Although the destruction is scary, the universe is shaking things up for you so that you can get out. Don’t waste any more time hiding in a tower that is doomed to fall eventually. Take the leap now!

    Keywords for The Tower

    • Destruction
    • Chaos
    • Sudden change
    • Upheaval


    The Tower Card Associations

    Element: Fire

    Astrology: Mars

    As a Yes or No question: No

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