The World Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot card - The WorldThe World Card Says: “You Are Stepping Into a New World”


You’ve arrived at a point of completion in your life. Whether you’ve found the love of your life or your dream job, The World card marks a cycle coming to a close with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

You are enjoying a sense of wholeness and harmony, where your outer world matches your inner world. It’s similar to the concept of nirvana or enlightenment. You have earned this over the course of your journey through the Major Arcana.

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    The World Tarot Card Explained

    You feel like you’re on cloud nine right now because your life is in perfect alignment with your innermost dreams and desires. You successfully completed your journey through the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, each one of them carrying a profound lesson with accompanying challenges. All of these obstacles were your training ground and the final card, The World, marks your arrival! You learned to trust the universe as well as yourself, and you learned to surrender when needed. You learned to use your intuition and control your passions.

    The World Tarot Card in the Past

    You are a force to be reckoned with and you deserve the respect that you enjoy! Your current situation is founded on a deep sense of accomplishment and success in your past. It may have been recent or in childhood, but either way, it established a solid foundation for you that has supported you into the present.

    The World in the Reverse in the Past

    If you experienced some kind of difficult blockage or frustration right before achieving something great, then The World card will present in the reverse. But it signifies that you succeeded to move ahead in spite of it, and that blockage is now a thing of the past.

    The World Tarot Card in the Present

    Are you wondering if things are too good to be true? Are you worried that the blessings that are coming your way right now are not real? It’s not every day that people see their dreams actually manifest in real life, but that is exactly what is happening to you right now. Whether you’re marrying the love of your life or starting your first day of work at your dream job, The World card represents arriving at everything you have been working toward.

    The World in the Reverse in the Present

    Don’t despair that The World card showed up in the reverse this time! It doesn’t mean that your dreams are unattainable, just that you still have another hurdle to overcome before you get there. The problem could be that someone else is standing in between you and your goals or that you are in your own way. Sometimes we self-sabotage out of anxiety without even realizing it. You are just experiencing a delay. Find the reason and fix it so you can make it to the finish line.

    The World Tarot Card in the Future

    You are on the right track, just keep going! The World card is in your future position to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing. It is leading you to the fulfillment of your dreams. Trust yourself and move forward with confidence because you are almost there!

    The World in the Reverse in the Future

    Do ask yourself if you’re endlessly chasing dreams without ever finding satisfaction in your accomplishments. The World card in the reverse in the future position can suggest you might be taking your pursuits too far, all the while missing what you already have. It’s a good time to pause and make sure that you are taking the time to appreciate your accomplishments.

    The World Tarot Card in Love and Romance

    When it comes to your love life you have arrived at a place of joy and fulfillment. Everything that you have been hoping for and working towards is now at your fingertips. If you are in a relationship, you have built a stable bond that is fulfilling and harmonious. This accomplishment is also opening the door to a new chapter in your life, which could involve taking your romance to the next level. This could mean marriage or children, or whatever it may be that you have been dreaming of.

    If you’re currently single but looking for your soulmate, you’re about to find the one. You have done the work of bringing yourself to a healthy place of self-reliance, trust, and balance, and you will attract someone equally harmonious into your life.

    The World in the Reverse in Love and Romance

    In the reverse, The World card is telling you that you just have one last thing to figure out! Dig deep to find out what that hiccup is so that you can move forward with this new chapter in your life. You are almost there, but it feels like something is still missing.

    Are you missing something wonderful that your partner has to offer? Or is there some old baggage that is still holding you back? Take a moment to reflect and let go of anything that is holding you back so that you can enjoy your new life.

    The World Tarot Card in Your Career

    You have accomplished something admirable! Take the time to celebrate and enjoy it! The World card in your career reading indicates that you accomplished what you set out to do, and it was no small feat. Your inner desires are in alignment with the outcome of your efforts.

    The World in the Reverse in Your Career

    Or maybe you’ve just fallen short of what you set out to accomplish. Maybe your current job isn’t as fulfilling as you had hoped or your last project didn’t quite hit the mark. Keep going. The World card in reverse reveals that you are almost there. Evaluate what the setback is and take steps to remedy it.

    The World Tarot Card and Your Friends

    You are about to start a new adventure when it comes to your friendships! This could mean that your social circle becomes stronger or it could mean that you realize that you’ve outgrown some of your relationships and you’re ready for something new. Don’t worry! The changes that The World card brings will lead you on a beautiful new path.

    The World in the Reverse and Your Friends

    Are your friendships holding you back from moving forward? The World card in reverse indicates that something is in the way of you reaching the finish line to manifesting your dreams! Are you holding back on committing to the love of your life because of loyalty to a friend? Are you hanging on to the past out of a sense of loyalty even though it’s preventing you from achieving your dreams?

    Take a moment to see where the blockage is and make the effort to remove it from your path. Anyone who truly has your best interest at heart should want to see you succeed.

    The World Tarot Card and Your Money

    You’ve accomplished a major financial goal! Whether you bought your first home or paid off major debt, you have worked hard to overcome a difficult situation and you accomplished what you set out to do. The World card invites you to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Take a moment to enjoy your success and celebrate your accomplishment!

    The World in the Reverse and Your Money

    Are you so close to getting what you want but something is preventing you from signing on the dotted line? Don’t despair or give up hope. The World card in reverse encourages you to keep going because you are almost there. Figure out what is in the way and clear the path.

    The World Tarot Card and Your Health

    If you’ve been battling a health issue, The World card is telling you that you are about to end that cycle of struggling and advance to something new and improved. You did the work and made the necessary changes to support your own wellness, and your efforts are about to pay off.

    The World in the Reverse and Your Health

    When reversed, The World card suggests that you still need to make a change regarding your health. There is one stone left unturned. Don’t give up because you are so close! But look honestly at what might still be contributing to any ‘dis-ease’ and make the changes to step into your new life.

    The World Tarot Card and Your Spirituality

    Your initial spiritual journey has come to a close and you are ready for something new. Everything you have fought for and sacrificed for has led you to a place of accomplishment and fulfillment. But what lies on the other side?

    You are beginning a new chapter in your life, and your next spiritual journey will bring you to a new level. The World card advises you that it is time to think outside of the box and expand your horizons to new levels.

    The World in the Reverse and Your Spirituality

    You’re almost there! Reflect on all of the lessons that you learned throughout your journey through the Major Arcana. You only have one challenge remaining. Put your knowledge to work for you.

    The Meaning and Symbology of The World Card

    A floating woman looks behind herself as she steps through a laurel wreath. She is reflecting on the past with a sense of accomplishment and holds a manifestation wand in each hand. She managed to unify and integrate her inner desires with her physical environment. This accomplishment is allowing her to dream new dreams that she can pursue with the support of the universe.

    Keywords for The World Card

    • Completion
    • Accomplishment
    • End of a Cycle
    • Fulfillment


    The World Card Associations

    Element: Earth

    Astrology: Saturn

    The world tarot yes or no: Yes

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