King of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

King of Swords

The King of Swords is the final card in the suit of Swords. The King of Swords embodies much of the meaning of the entire suit and should be taken seriously when seen. Much like the Queen of Swords, The King can represent a strong male influence in your life, someone with authority and power.

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King of Swords in a sentence

The King of Swords represents decision making, maturity, authority, and assertion.

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    King of Swords in a time-based position

    Past – You may have been extremely mature for your age and held more responsibility than average. People considered you to have authority over a subject, you were the ‘go-to’ person for it. Life may or may not be the same now, but the lesson to learn is that you can always harness that sort of power if you dedicate yourself to it. The King of Swords could also represent your father, probably a strict man. You may have had a rigid upbringing, but be grateful, structure can help us create and achieve goals in life.

    Present – The King of Swords tarot in the present position, similar to the past position would suggest a ‘father-figure’ currently present in your life. This could be your father or a strong leader at work or school. You should take what they say seriously, even if they haven’t followed what they believe in. They may have the best advice, but just because they haven’t followed it doesn’t make them any less right. Look for someone with a lot of experience who is truly interested in helping you for your sake and not their own. Personally, you may feel you are better than others at a certain subject. Make your personality more than this. Expertise is something that many of us aim for, but we need to have interests outside of our focus.

    Future – The King of Swords in the future position symbolises the path you’re currently on; a life you are happy with if you’re willing to work for it. It isn’t about earning money, it’s about reaching your potential; somebody who is in control of their thoughts, able to make serious decisions and with a basis in honestly. You have the ability, determination and drive to reach your goals, this tarot card assures you that.

    The King of Swords in regards to life issues

    Work / Education – The King of Swords in regards to work or education can mean you’ll need to look to someone more experienced and learn from them, likely an older male in a position of authority. Don’t be afraid of going straight to the top if you want advice, they’ll see it as using your initiative. Remember, that other people on the ladder want to climb too, so they might not earnestly help you out. If you’re studying and you draw this tarot card, talk to your professor or lecturer in your free time to build up a rapport so they know your face. Contacts and links like that can help in many ways in the future.

    Romance – The King of Swords tarot card in romance is a very good sign. Expect a new level of maturity in any existing relationships. The King of Swords is an especially good sign when it comes to finding love, especially when masculine energy is needed. If you’re male, then work on what you think masculinity is. If you’re female, then look for defined male traits in a prospective partner.

    Friends – The King of Swords in regards to friendship means things are going well with your circle. You might have to decide something for everyone soon, but rest assured that they’ll agree with whatever choice you make. If people are swinging between two choices, just do what you think is best and they will follow.

    Money – The King of Swords tarot in regards to finances is another good sign. Look at your spending objectively. Don’t shy away from the bad, you have to grow and tackle it. Do not do it tomorrow, or next week, but tackle your money issues today. You can decide to change your lifestyle to accommodate your needs.

    Health – The King of Swords echoes the mature nature of the card when health is concerned. It’s a case of knowing what is right for your body and mind and then doing those things. You know how to eat well, you know how to exercise, you know what to avoid. It’s just a case of putting these things into practice. A role model will be a good thing to have right now. think of someone living your perfect life, and aim for it. If you can’t find a role model, exercise that inner determination. Willpower is a funny thing because we all have it, but we don’t choose to use it. Some would rather take the easier option. Don’t be lazy.

    Spirituality and Mentality – The King of Swords tarot in spirituality can be mixed when spirituality is concerned. Sometimes, ‘mature’ people will scoff at the thought of religion and esotericism. Take charge here. It doesn’t matter what other people believe. If it’s working for you then continue. Try to be mindful as much as you can and utilise basic instincts in real life. We are all animals after all.

    The King of Swords Reversed

    The King of Swords reversed tarot card turns into a tyrannical figure; somebody quick to judge and strong when it comes to punishment. Recently you may feel like others are rubbing you up the wrong way. Maybe they aren’t living up to your standards. You shouldn’t be as forceful as you are. Let others grow and learn their own way. If you feel others are holding back then, by all means, try to do something on your own, but not to their detriment. Watch out for lies and deceit, generally. This can be anywhere from office gossip, to serious rumours. Someone may be trying to get ahead by spreading lies. You should find out who it is and confront them.

    Keywords for the King of Swords

    Power, command, authority, law, logic, discipline

    Other associations of the King of Swords

    Element: Air

    As a Yes or No question in tarot readings: Yes

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