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Free Love OracleDo you want to know how your love life is going to unravel in the future and what you can expect in the field of romance? Are you wondering when you’re going to meet your soulmate or are you already in a romantic relationship and want to know if your current partner is also your soulmate?

These and many other love and relationship related questions can be answered with a simple love oracle reading.

You can get a glimpse into all relationship related matters and with the help of your love oracle you’ll get a clearer picture of your future love life and all the ups and downs you may expect.


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What is a Love Oracle Reading?

Love Oracle ReadingWe all have a lot of questions about our love life, our partner or our soul mate, but the real question is: where do we find the answers for each of these questions?

Well that’s exactly what a love oracle reading can give you: answers to all your love-related questions as well as advice and guidance on how to handle the situation at hand.

Here’s what a love oracle reading actually is:

Love oracle readings are oracle readings that are focused on the subject of love, relationships, romance and so on.

A free love oracle reader can help answer any and all questions you might have about love, personal relationships and romance, and give you a prediction of what you might expect to see happen in your future.

Your love oracle reader will not be able to give you exact instructions as to what you need to do, but will likely provide you with some guidance and advice as to how you can handle the upcoming situation.

Although you can do a love oracle reading yourself, if you want one done by a professional, you can visit a psychic or a love oracle reader either online or in person.

The first option is usually more practical and more affordable, and oftentimes you can even find a free love oracle reading, if you know where to look.

For those of you who are new to love oracle readings and aren’t sure where to look for a professional, yet affordable reader, we’ll be providing links to some of the most popular, top ranked psychic websites below. So stick around to find out more about the whole process and where you can go to if you need a cheap love oracle reading right now.

Tarot vs Oracle Readings and Love Oracle Readings

oracle-cardsYou might already be familiar with how tarot cards work or have an idea of what oracle readings are, but you might still be wondering what the main difference between these types of readings is.

Tarot cards come in a set of 78 cards, divided into four suits. Tarot cards were first used as playing cards, back in the 15th century, and are still used as such in some countries, even today.

Although some use them for card games, tarot cards are much more than that. Each card can have its own card meaning and can be used for guidance, insight into a problem, advice on how to handle a particular situation, and even as a way to get a glimpse into the future.

What Makes Oracle Cards So Different?

Oracle cards, on the other hand, are not that strict and structured. They are free-wheeling and do not have a similar structure to the one the tarot has. An oracle deck can depend on a lot of things, but mainly on the creator of the deck, or the oracle reader who uses it.

The reader has the freedom to pick how many cards will be in the deck, and what sort of purpose they’re supposed to serve. There are all kinds of oracle decks in all shapes and sizes, which can have many different functions.

Although oracle cards do not follow a strict structure, there is a basic set up of images and words that comes with a book of explanations and guidelines on how the reader should interpret the cards.

As you can see, oracle readings are pretty different than the typical tarot spread, so now let’s have a closer look at what differentiates love oracle readings from general oracle readings.

The only difference between oracle readings and love oracle readings is the fact that the primary focus in the latter is on love, relationships and romance, while general oracle readings can be used for pretty much all kinds of problems or situations, similarly to how tarot cards are used.

When to Choose Oracle Cards vs. Tarot Cards

love oracleOracle messages can be as profound and as important as those we can receive during a tarot reading. Anyone can benefit both from a tarot or an oracle reading, but the real question is which one is more suited for you?

One of the main differences that make oracle messages different from those that you can receive during a tarot reading is the fact that they are a bit easier to digest and offer information that is not so direct and hard-hitting, unlike tarot cards that get straight to the point, no matter how difficult or unpleasant the message might sometimes be.

Both tarot and oracle card messages fulfill a particular purpose and can offer you advice and guidance in a difficult time. The main thing that you need to have in mind is that if you’re looking for advice or messages that are a bit easier to swallow, then an oracle reading would be a better choice for you.

If, on the other hand, you are not afraid to dig a little deeper and possibly discover something that’s a bit more difficult, in-depth and a littler more complicated to process, then you should take your chances with a tarot reading.

Since oracle cards are less complicated than tarot cards, both in their structure and the meanings they can reveal, they are easier to learn and practice.

How To Do A Love Oracle Reading

If you’re interested in learning how to do an oracle reading yourself, here are a few tips that can help you out with that:

(Remember that there are different types of oracle readings. If you’re looking for a professional love oracle reading then going to a professional reader or psychic would be your best choice.)

  1. Clear your mind of any unnecessary thoughts
  2. Focus on the question at hand, and avoid thinking about other things
  3. While focusing on the question, shuffle the cards and pull out one card from the deck
  4. Read the answer to your question according to the card you picked

Although anyone can do a love oracle reading themselves, choosing a professional oracle reader will help you get a broader reading and therefore a broader understanding of your problem, as well as the possible solutions on how to address it.

How To Prepare For A Love Oracle Reading

holding hands-love-relationshipThere isn’t a lot of preparation required before going to a love oracle reading. You just need to clear your mind, think positive thoughts, and focus on the questions you want to ask. Clearing your mind of any current issues will make you more open for new and exciting experiences and a new future love prospect.

Although you don’t really need to prepare a lot when it comes to the reading process, you might want to do some research on  your psychic or the psychic website that you’re using beforehand, so that you can avoid any unpleasant and unwanted experiences.

Ever since the interest for love oracle readings started to increase, the same happened with fraudulent psychics and websites  that claim to offer such services but are not really knowledgeable in the area. To avoid such scams, all you need to do is either stick to well known, trusted websites like Keen and Psychic Source.

If you’re still not sure whether the psychic you are talking to is real or fake, here are a few tips you can follow to help you figure that out.

A fake love oracle reader will:

  • give you predictions about the future that are set in stone
  • be vague about things
  • try to get out as much information as they can from you
  • make guesses until you find one of them to be true about you
  • ask for a lot of personal information
  • make claims that will make you curious and interested into what else they have to say
  • make you want another session by making a claim that will leave you on the edge of your seat
  • tell you what you want to hear
  • resort to scare tactics
  • claim that you are cursed, and so on

If you notice any of these things during your talk with your love oracle reader, know that they are a huge red flag, and therefore any advice they have to give you should be taken with a grain of salt.

A genuine love oracle reader will:

  • provide you with wisdom and insight into your problem
  • give you guidance
  • show you the possible outcomes of your situation, but will not give you any definite predictions about the future
  • be caring and thoughtful
  • help you figure out the source of your problem and possible ways to fix it
  • help you push through blockages on your path to a happy and blissful life
  • focus on the main issue at hand
  • be uplifting and positive, in general

What Types Of Love Oracle Readings Are There?

love-romance-engagementUnlike other types of psychic readings, oracle readings can be done in numerous different ways.

As we already mentioned before, you don’t have to be a professional oracle reader to perform a reading, although you won’t be able to get as much information out of the reading as you would if you were to go to a professional.

However, all these types or readings exist for a reason, and while a professional face-to-face reading might be best for you, others might like to perform their oracle reading by themselves, by using their own cards or via virtual online readings.

If you haven’t yet decided what type of love oracle reading is the best for you, here are some of the main types of readings that you can choose from:

  • Professional Love Oracle Readings
  • Personal Love Oracle Card Decks
  • Virtual Love Oracle Readings
  • DIY Love Oracle Decks

Where Can I Find A Professional Love Oracle Reading?

If you decide to go with a professional reading, there are a few websites that you can go to for talented and experienced readers that will give you the advice you’re looking for, and the help you need.

Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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