Five Card Spread

Five Card Spread Tarot

There is many a Five Card Spread. As we’re looking at simple ones, for now, this is the simplest. Five is a strong esoteric number that keeps us grounded in the material world. This particular spread represents you and your worldly goals.  Start with a clear mind and shuffle the deck. Draw five cards and place them face down in front of you in a line. Turn over the leftmost card, this is Card 1. Then work your way along to card 5.

Card 1 represents you in your current state.

Card 5 represents your goal. This may be a job, a relationship.

Cards 2,3 and 4 represent the challenges that you’re going to need to overcome to get to your goal. You may already be aware of these issues, or you may not. For example, say you have a crush on somebody, but your problems are the following; you can’t talk to them because you’re shy, you don’t know them yet, and they aren’t aware that you exist. These are your three main issues. Let’s take another approach.

Say you’re looking for a new job. Card 5 will give you an idea of the area of work you should look for. Card 1 will tell you about your current ability and state of mind. Cards 2,3 and 4 will tell you what you need to do to get to Card 5,

When the cards have been laid out, do not change them. Look up the meaning from either the major arcana, swords, cups, pentacles or wands.

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