Should I consult the Tarot for finance?

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I recently read an article on the telegraph about the financial situation in Italy, and how many are now consulting the tarot to get a glimpse of their potential financial future. In this case, the situation has gotten so bad that people are turning to Tarot and other divinationary methods to try and find hope in what looks like a bleak future. It seems around a quarter of Italians re now using the services of Tarot readers and other similar practitioners. For any country, that’s quite a lot! Is this a good idea though?

When should you use Tarot to predict your finances?

You should treat the Tarot as a message form something greater than you; the Universe. You don’t necessarily have to bend to the will of the messages presented, they are just given as a potential outcome if you continue what you are doing. If you draw a good card in relation to finances, say, The Ace of Pentacles, you should always analyse it yourself rather than take it at face value. You may very likely have to put some action in place to make this eventuality come around. Have you been losing money hand over fist recently? Don’t expect this to change if you don’t change.

The important part here is the free will you possess. Even though it might feel like it, life isn’t a roller-coaster than you are strapped into. You are driving, and you can choose to go the wrong direction that your sat-nav takes you. Take the advice of the tarot cards and use them if they feel they will help you, and this applies to any aspect of your life.

If you are having trouble with your finances; Money is mundane, so a more mundane approach is likely going to be more useful than a spiritual one. Divide your expenses into wants and needs and then analyse it. Are your needs actually needs, or are they just disguised wants? You’ll be surprised how easy it is to save money and fix financial problems if you can see the benefit and overall positive impact that comes from sacrifice.

For some further information on using tarot for finances, check out Ten tips for Interpreting the Tarot and the ‘Life Aspects‘ spread :)

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