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Tarot lovers

There are quite a few cards that are the most searched for on Tarot-Explained.com. This can’t be a chance thing, surely all the cards would appear equally? The Lovers is one of the most searched for cards on Tarot-Explained, and has been for over two years now, but what is it about this card that remains so popular? What is it about this specific card that makes it one of the most iconic and well known tarot cards?

Why is The Lovers such a popular tarot card?

One of the biggest aspects of our lives are our relationships; romantic, platonic and familial. Love plays an important aspect in our lives, especially when considering our desires. Many people wish to be loved when they aren’t, and many wish to see where their current relationships will go. The Lovers is probably the most obvious and striking tarot card when it comes to Love, so it isn’t surprising that we all want to know the best definition of The Lovers to get an accurate tarot card reading.

What can we learn from The Lovers?

A very important aspect of all our lives should be healthy balance. The Lovers stresses this duality; woman and man, left and right, tree of knowledge and tree of life. An unhealthy life is one which is too far gone in one direction. This may be why in some decks ‘The Lovers’ is called ‘The Twins’. If you are seeing a particular aspect of your life which you are unhappy with, try to see things from a different perspective; is there imbalance in any way? Are you spending too much time on others and not yourself, or vice versa?

To read more about The Lovers tarot card, click here. If you have any experience with The Lovers tarot card that you would like to share, post in the comments below!

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