Tarot Explained : The End // Beginning

Tarot card - The World

Tarot card - The World

It’s with some sadness but also lots of other good feelings that I have to announce that I will no longer be running Tarot-Explained, effective around the end of this month. What started as a tool for my own learning kept growing and growing. Tarot-Explained has been a big part of the last four years of my life and I’m happy to see the current state it is in, ready for somebody else to take control. I’ve learned so much about Tarot just by talking to others who are passionate about the topic, and it’s been a wonderful experience. With anything, there must be an end, and while the site will still be here for you to use, I will no longer be a part of this journey.

In future it might appeal to me to create another Tarot learning journey, in the form of a website. If it does occur, I’d love to see you join me there as well as here. Likewise I may be back here from time to time, or I may not, but I wish you all the best and for the final time I’d like to personally thank you for visiting Tarot-Explained.

With kindest regards,


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Happy Festive Period, and a Happy fourth birthday to Tarot-Explained!

Tarot card - The Emperor

Tarot card - The Emperor

A very happy new year to all of you. I hope you had a lovely warm and peaceful festive period. January 2nd marks the birthday of Tarot-Explained, and I’m very happy to celebrate what started as an endeavour of passion which then turned into extensive study and the deepening of a hobby. I cannot believe it has been four years!

2018 added a lot to the website, lots of things were fixed, we got a new menu on mobile, reverse meanings were added to every card and each card description was checked, double checked and generally tidied up to be the vest free tarot resource on the internet.

The past four years have been formative in my life; I’ve moved houses, gained and lost jobs, friends and relationships, but this site has ever been a constant. It might seem silly, but this website has been a trial and endeavour that I am proud to keep working on.

I hope that 2019 is a happy and prosperous one for you.




How to perform Tarot readings online

tarot sign

I’ve recently started offering tarot readings on fiverr. The experience has been uplifting, and I’ve been able to help a number of people so far. It’s very different from offering readings in person, and there are certain pros and cons of distance reading. You’re unable to discuss the reading as it’s taking place, and can only offer the final product. I quite enjoy this aspect, you can stay focused on the initial query and there is no distraction from further questions. You also perform a purer reading, untainted by unconscious hints and body language the querent offers. You can have a look at the fiverr page here.

How I perform an online tarot reading

Getting an order

As soon as somebody orders though the gig page on fiverr, I get an email. I reply as soon as possible  to say that I have received the request, and to give a rough timeframe. Fiverr allows extras, so if the querent has selected 1-day Delivery, I will make that reading my priority. Once this reply is set, I try to find a good period of time in the day I can dedicate to the reading.

Performing the reading

Finding time to fit readings in can be tough, but so far I have managed every reading on time. It is so much more than shuffling, dealing cards, laying them out, then typing up the reading. I like to get into a good receptive mental state before performing the reading, and I always perform readings when I am alone. Usually, the readings are simple, one or two cards, as described on the gig page. I perform my readings while sitting on the floor, though this is mainly because I do not have a table! Once the cards are dealt, I simply look at them. Intuition and knowledge of tarot cards plays it’s part here. Once the cards are dealt, an image will start to form. At this stage, I’ll start typing up the report.

Clearing and editing and presenting

Once the report is typed up, I’ll leave it for an hour or so, and then come back to it. The reading is still in my mind, even after it has been performed, and sometimes taking a step back to observe the situation can help you see things from a new angle. At this stage, I’ll edit the report and review it, as an editor would review a book. The reports I type follow a set pattern, shown below in a censored, but actual report.

tarot card report

First I greet the querent, and then get started with the reading. I like to jump straight in. I make it clean I know their question, and then type how each card I draw relates to it. One thing I like to add, are missing cards or suits (if many cards are drawn). At the end, I summarise the reading into actionable steps for the querent. I like to give a sense of closure to the question.

Delivering the report and followups

I send the typed up and formatted report as an image or PDF file. It’s as simple as that. For once, the technological part of something is the easiest! I like to be open to communication afetrwards and I’m always happy to discuss the reading afterwards.

Should you perform online tarot readings?

It’s really up to you. If you have a tight schedule like I do, then it’s a very good idea. You can still practice tarotology for real people, on your own time. I’ve found it to be just as good as a face to face reading, and my feedback so far has been very positive!




Charging for Tarot Readings, and an exclusive offer!



You may not know already, it hasn’t yet been advertised, but Tarot-Explained now offer Tarot readings, through fiverr. It’s taken a long time for us to get to this stage, and there has been a lot to consider. We started offering free readings through the website, and the response was staggering. Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a request through. It helped me grow as a reader and I hope I helped you too. Changing from free to paid was a step, but necessary. The funds raised go towards the website maintenance and hosting, and in future will be used to better expand Tarot-Explained into an even better resource.

The journey from reference website to paid readings was long, almost three years, and some lessons were learned! This article might help you out if you’re an experienced reader just looking to start reading for others, and wondering if you should get paid. The answer is, broadly speaking, yes. Consider the following if you are looking to charge for your tarot readings:

It’s a service

You’re providing a service for others, which they have requested. You know you are offering value to them, and you should be compensated somehow. It’s fun to do tarot as a favour for friends or family, but you can really help others out with your skills and intuition. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but performing a tarot reading is a lot of work. When I perform a reading through fiverr, I spent anywhere from an hour onward getting into the correct mental state, and typing up and presenting the reading to the querent. This is a lot of effort for five dollars!


How good are you?

You should consider your skill level with tarot. How good do you think you are, how accurate have you been in the past? Have you had any big mistakes? A good test, is to see if you would pay for a reading from yourself. Would you? Are you value for money? Are you enhancing others lives through tarot? If so, then you should consider charging for your readings.


How much to charge?

This all depends on your style, analysis and spread that you use. On fiverr, we only offer a single card question, or three questions if the user upgrades. Bear in mind that  these can take over an hour each. Are you comfortable earning under minimum wage for a reading? I am, because the money goes to help the website. If you’re looking to live off your readings, you should work out expenses and charge much more. I perform these readings simply to cover cost.


How to present a reading?

Currently, we offer a reading in a written document. A stylised page, typed up after the reading has taken place. You can take this one step further by performing face to face, over Skype, during a phone call, or a recorded video. All of these will affect your pricing. Consider charging for your next tarot reading, even if it is as little as one dollar, or for a favour. They are asking, and you are giving. It makes sense to balance the equation out. If you’re interested in getting a reading from Tarot-Explained, then by all means follow the link below and you will hear from me very soon!


Exclusive offer for readers of this post!

Receive a two-card reading for the price of only one. Simply ask two questions, and I will consult the tarot for your answers. You will receive a formatted PDF document with the results of the reading, potentially including things to be aware of, dangers to look out for and how to face the future with certainty. This offer is only available for the next thirty days, follow the ‘order now’ button to submit a request.



Happy new year, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Tarot-Explained.com!

Tarot card - The Empress


Tarot card - The Empress

I hope you’ve all had a merry festive season, and are all looking forward to the new year. January 2nd 2018 marks the third birthday for Tarot-Explained.com. It doesn’t feel like our second birthday was too long ago, how time flies! The site has come a long way and I love seeing it grow. The road map for the new year involves video descriptions, in depth symbology of the Rider-Waite deck, card keywords, and much much more.

Thanks so much for sticking around, and see you in 2018!

Popular Tarot cards – The Lovers

Tarot card - The Lovers

Tarot lovers

There are quite a few cards that are the most searched for on Tarot-Explained.com. This can’t be a chance thing, surely all the cards would appear equally? The Lovers is one of the most searched for cards on Tarot-Explained, and has been for over two years now, but what is it about this card that remains so popular? What is it about this specific card that makes it one of the most iconic and well known tarot cards?

Why is The Lovers such a popular tarot card?

One of the biggest aspects of our lives are our relationships; romantic, platonic and familial. Love plays an important aspect in our lives, especially when considering our desires. Many people wish to be loved when they aren’t, and many wish to see where their current relationships will go. The Lovers is probably the most obvious and striking tarot card when it comes to Love, so it isn’t surprising that we all want to know the best definition of The Lovers to get an accurate tarot card reading.

What can we learn from The Lovers?

A very important aspect of all our lives should be healthy balance. The Lovers stresses this duality; woman and man, left and right, tree of knowledge and tree of life. An unhealthy life is one which is too far gone in one direction. This may be why in some decks ‘The Lovers’ is called ‘The Twins’. If you are seeing a particular aspect of your life which you are unhappy with, try to see things from a different perspective; is there imbalance in any way? Are you spending too much time on others and not yourself, or vice versa?

To read more about The Lovers tarot card, click here. If you have any experience with The Lovers tarot card that you would like to share, post in the comments below!

Tarot Explained eBook out Now!

tarot explained ebook

e-Book Tarot Explained

The Tarot-Explained eBook is out now. It contains all of the site content in an easy to read an indexed format, as well as some new content. The ebook makes it perfect for performing or learning more about tarot when you don’t have an internet connection. Check it out here!



Tarot Explained eBook!

tarot explained ebook

The first edition of the Tarot-Explained eBook is coming up for release on July 1st. While Tarot-Explained.com will always be free; hosting for websites isn’t. The eBook is an optional purchase for anybody who would like to support the website, as well as have access to the site content while offline. At the moment, the eBook is only available on Amazon. In future, it will be available on other platforms and for other eReaders. Check it out here or click the image to see the eBook.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Tarot card - The Sun

I hope you’ve had a good year so far. The Summer Solstice is a special time of year; marking the middle. It’s the longest day before the nights start drawing in and autumn closes into winter. The summer solstice is a good day to look forward and plan the remainder of the year, either pragmatically or magically. Tarot is a good tool for this.

Do a reading now, have a look at our Spreads for ideas. A good idea would be a 6 card spread, one for each month that remains this year. Another great choice would be a 12 card spread, six for the previous months and six for the next six months. You may see some interesting patterns emerge when you consider the past as well as the future.

Did you celebrate the solstice? I’d love to hear how. Let us know in the comments below!

Tarot in real life – The Eight of Pentacles

Tarot card - The Eight of Pentacles

Since I started this site, the Eight of Pentacles has been my favourite card. You may be able to see why if you already know the meaning;

A positive card, you should expect good things to happen when you see it; especially aspects relating to a creative industry, or a project or part of your life that you have worked extremely hard on and dedicated yourself to.

I’ve dedicated an awful lot of time to researching Tarot cards and making sure that the content on Tarot-Explained is as good as it can be. I feel the Eight of Pentacles embodies the spirit of creating something for others. The Apprentice works on his bench creating pentacles and displaying them for others and himself. None of them are perfect but they change and improve. The site is constantly being updated and improved, and I work on the feedback provided through the contact page. I have an image of the card printed off by my desk, I use it as a type of ‘hang in there‘ poster, just to remind me why I’m working on this site and to keep myself grounded.

I sometimes feel that hard work is an element of life that is lost for many of us, and I think it’s because we all spend a lot of time focusing on things we don’t enjoy. Many of us don’t enjoy our jobs or see them as a waste of time. You really have to face that you may be in the wrong field if that’s the case. If you have a job you truly love then it isn’t work, it just becomes natural. The apprentice in the illustration isn’t happy or sad, he just exists naturally. If you need your job but don’t enjoy it, then, as I’ve discovered, a side hobby can really bring a new element to your life.

Do you have a favourite card? If you’d like to talk about it, let me know!