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Popular Tarot cards – The Lovers

Tarot card - The Lovers

Tarot lovers

There are quite a few cards that are the most searched for on This can’t be a chance thing, surely all the cards would appear equally? The Lovers is one of the most searched for cards on Tarot-Explained, and has been for over two years now, but what is it about this card that remains so popular? What is it about this specific card that makes it one of the most iconic and well known tarot cards?

Why is The Lovers such a popular tarot card?

One of the biggest aspects of our lives are our relationships; romantic, platonic and familial. Love plays an important aspect in our lives, especially when considering our desires. Many people wish to be loved when they aren’t, and many wish to see where their current relationships will go. The Lovers is probably the most obvious and striking tarot card when it comes to Love, so it isn’t surprising that we all want to know the best definition of The Lovers to get an accurate tarot card reading.

What can we learn from The Lovers?

A very important aspect of all our lives should be healthy balance. The Lovers stresses this duality; woman and man, left and right, tree of knowledge and tree of life. An unhealthy life is one which is too far gone in one direction. This may be why in some decks ‘The Lovers’ is called ‘The Twins’. If you are seeing a particular aspect of your life which you are unhappy with, try to see things from a different perspective; is there imbalance in any way? Are you spending too much time on others and not yourself, or vice versa?

To read more about The Lovers tarot card, click here. If you have any experience with The Lovers tarot card that you would like to share, post in the comments below!

Weekly Tarot Card – 24th July – Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Welcome to the Tarot-Explained ‘weekly card’. Each Monday, we will feature a card and how it may affect you in the coming week. A weekly card is a general reading for all and in short it means; How will this week be? A weekly card reminds us to be mindful of the particular aspect of the card and how it manifests in our lives. Can a ‘one card for all’ approach truly work? Yes, of course, as long as you interpret it in a certain way; be mindful of the ‘things to look out for’ below. If you’d like to let us know if this card had an effect on your week, please let us know!


Page of Cups
Page of Cups

Things to look out for this week:

Number : 11

Person : Someone from your childhood, someone from your past you haven’t seen for a while

Activity : Anything you enjoy. Try to dedicate a day to yourself this coming week.

Be Mindful of : Making things too complex. Don’t overthink, things are simpler if you look at them form a distance.

Other : Try to reconnect with your inner child. Do you have a lost passion from years ago? Look into trying it again this week.


For more information, check out The Five of Wands card meaning here

Tarot reading for yourself

magic tarot cards

tarot reading for yourself

Doing a tarot reading for yourself can seem quite daunting; how do you know you aren’t going to be biased and interpret the cards wrong, especially if you’re considering a reading for the future. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing a tarot reading for yourself to ensure that you take the most unbiased answer that the cards are giving you. In the following post I’m going to detail some ways you can use tarot alone, as well as some mistakes to avoid!

Starting out tarot reading for yourself

It’s best to start simple when you read tarot cards for yourself. A single card spread can be an exciting new addition to your daily life when you are unsure what to do for example. Just draw a card and treat it as a friend giving you advice. You don’t even have to take the advice if you don’t want to, just consider the possibility and go with it if it sounds good. There, you’ve successfully performed a tarot reading alone. Well done!

Moving on, you can start to perform a more complex reading for yourself as you would for somebody else. This is where things can get difficult, so watch out for the following mistakes!


Doing more than one reading for the same question

I think we’re all guilty of this, you keep dealing a new spread until you get the answer that you want. This isn’t going to work at all! You may as well choose the cards yourself if this is what you do. Remember to be strict with yourself here, it’s only the first spread that will work as it should, any others will have too much of your personal influence.

Bending the meanings of the cards

It’s no use to just interpret the cards in a whole new way just because you want them to. This ties in with the above. Don’t ignore the reading if it isn’t the result you want. Use the spread to understand why it isn’t giving you the right answer. The results of the tarot spread are just symptoms, but the actual worldly events occurring in the background are the cause. Changing the meanings of the cards will not change anything!

Performing a reading in the wrong state of mind

You have to be clear and level headed when you perform a tarot reading. It’s tempting to perform a tarot reading for yourself when you’re in a very low state in order to see a good potential outcome in the future but I wouldn’t advise this at all. If you don’t get the answer you seek it could push you even lower. Perform tarot readings only when you can deal with a bad outcome.

Final thoughts

Tarot reading for yourself is as good a skill to learn as reading for others, and is good practice when you have nobody else to read for. Performing a daily or weekly reading will help you learn the card meanings if you’re still in the process of learning. If you’re a more advanced student, then it’ll keep you fresh and you’ll learn how the cards connect. The more readings you perform, the more connections and relations you’ll see between the cards.

If you’ve performed a tarot card reading for yourself recently, leave a comment below and tell us what happened!

Weekly Tarot card – 10th July

eight of pentacles

Welcome to the Tarot-Explained ‘weekly card’. Each Monday, we will feature a card and how it may affect you in the coming week. A weekly card is a general reading for all and in short it means; How will this week be? A weekly card reminds us to be mindful of the particular aspect of the card and how it manifests in our lives. Can a ‘one card for all’ approach truly work? Yes, of course, as long as you interpret it in a certain way; be mindful of the ‘things to look out for’ below. If you’d like to let us know if this card had an effect on your week, please let us know!

Eight of Pentacleseight of pentacles

The Eight of pentacles reminds you to stick to your hobbies and passions and continually improve them. Maybe you’d like to pick up a new hobby? It’s always a great time. Just remember that you should always practice to get better! Find out more at the Eight of Pentacles card meaning page.

Things to look out for this week:

Number : 8

Person : Someone skilled in their craft

Activity : Pick up that hobby that you’ve been putting off! Commit some hours this week to getting better!

Be Mindful of : New potential interests that you think you might enjoy. Just say yes this week!

Other : Be sure you don’t get tunnel vision. Your passions are important but be sure not to neglect other areas of your life!


For more information, check out The Eight of pentacles card meaning here

Tarot Explained updates, comments and much more!

tarot logo large

You can now comment on any tarot card meaning, or any post on Tarot-Explained! We’d love to hear your views or experiences so feel free to comment wherever you like. There have been a number of exciting updates to Tarot-Explained recently, and there are plenty more coming soon, like the following;

and likely much much more! Thanks so much for being a part of Tarot-Explained

The most frequently asked Tarot questions – answered!

popular tarot questions

Quite often I check the Tarot-Explained inbox and I get a lot of similar questions. I felt a helpful post here would benefit everyone with the most popular asked Tarot questions. Some of them may seem a bit silly if you’ve been practicing Tarot or are at least knowledgeable in it. Luckily, many of these tarot questions are answered around the site, so nice helpful links are provided.


What is tarot?

Tarot is a complex form of divination using cards adapted from playing cards. There are usually two people involved,the tarot reader and the person asking for the reading (sometimes referred to as the Querent, from the Latin ‘to seek’). The reader will deal and arrange cards  into a pattern, called a spread. Each tarot card has a meaning, and it’s position in the spread will alter it’s meaning. It’s up to the read to interpret the cards and their positions and provide an answer to the Querent.


How do you read tarot cards?

Tarot cards can be interpreted in many ways. A standard way is to, as above, arrange a spread, and interpret the meanings as they are laid out. Different readers will interpret different aspects of the card, but each card does have an established theme, so it isn’t just guessing in the dark. If, for example there are two different readers, they should interpret the same spread in a very similar way.


Can you do a tarot card reading for yourself?

Yes, of course. I frequently do a tarot reading for myself. A tarot reading for yourself can make you open up your awareness to new aspects of life and see things from another perspective. If you’re asking the question; ‘What will happen next week’, for example, it’s the same if you’re asking for you or another person. You deal the cards in the spread the same way and interpret them the same way. Give it a try!


How do you clear your tarot cards?

First, what is clearing your Tarot deck? Clearing is a practice that many tarot readers will perform to ‘cleanse’ their deck of any energies imbued upon them by their previous use. Some believe Tarot decks, and any object at all really, will soak up the energy around it. This can affect the next reading. A negative reading first might affect a potentially positive reading later on if the deck isn’t cleansed. It can also affect the mind of the reader, so they should take some time out to clear their mind between readings.

A simple way to clear your deck and yourself is to go outside in the daytime and clear your mind. Have a walk. Don’t think about tarot reading. Elemental cleansing is also popular and can get you into a magical frame of mind, but each will take a bit longer to learn. In short;

Cleansing by Fire – Arrange candles around your Tarot deck and visualise the negative energy burning into the flame. Use incense after; run your cards through incense smoke to refresh them.

Cleansing by Water – If your cards are water-resistant; simply run them under running water. Visualise the energy from the previous reading washing down the stream.

Cleansing by Earth – Salt is used here, sprinkle salt on the deck for a quick ritual; or bury the entire deck under salt for a longer lasting ritual. Earth banishing spells should longer than the others but are more thorough.

Cleansing by Air – Leaving your cards out of their box for a day or two, in the air. Every time you see them, visualise the negative energy evaporating like on a warm day.


What does the Death card really mean?

The Death tarot card, like the other more popular cards, has been given a number of non-standard meanings. It isn’t really helping itself by it’s illustration, but importantly; the Death card doesn’t always mean death or dying. The Death tarot card usually represents the end of a cycle and the start of a new one, some examples would be; a new job, a new spouse, the end of an old routine, an unexpected new place you find yourself living. Death is nothing to be afraid of, so don’t be shocked if it comes up in a reading!

Check out the Death tarot card meaning here.


What does a reversed tarot card mean?

A reversed tarot card can have a number of meanings, but the general feel is that the meanings are reversed; positive becomes negative. Not all readers will perform a tarot card reading with reverse meanings in mind, but if you are learning Tarot, it can be interesting to give it a shot.


Is Tarot dangerous? Is Tarot Evil?

Finally, and an easy one to finish on. No. Tarot is not dangerous or evil by nature; it is just a tool. Like any tool, Tarot cards can be used for a negative purpose. It’s important whether you are receiving or giving a reading that you accept it as an exterior voice, a suggestion or a new point of view. Tarot may sometimes tell you the correct path to take, but it’s something you have to judge for yourself. If a tarot reading says something like, ‘You will visit Australia this year!’, it may well be true. It may even be the Universe trying to hint you along the right path. But if you really don’t want to go, then don’t listen to it. Remember, we all have free will, and it’s empowering to use it every now and then!

Weekly Tarot Card – July 3rd

Queen of cups candles

Welcome to the first ‘weekly card’. Each Monday, we will feature a card and how it may affect you in the coming week. A weekly card is a general reading for all and in short it means; How will this week be? A weekly card reminds us to be mindful of the particular aspect of the card and how it manifests in our lives. Can a ‘one card for all’ approach truly work? Yes, of course, as long as you interpret it in a certain way; be mindful of the ‘things to look out for’ below. If you’d like to let us know if this card had an effect on your week, please let us know!

Our first weekly tarot card is the Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups can represent a powerful woman influential in your life, but also maturity and sensitivity. To find out more about the 13th card of the Cups Suit, check out it’s card meaning here.

Things to look out for this week:

Number : 13

Person : An older woman

Activity : Reconnect with someone who has helped you in the past and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Be Mindful of : Someone new that will require your help.

Other : Pay attention to your dreams this week!


For more information, check out The Queen of Cups card meaning here.

Tarot Explained eBook out Now!

tarot explained ebook

e-Book Tarot Explained

The Tarot-Explained eBook is out now. It contains all of the site content in an easy to read an indexed format, as well as some new content. The ebook makes it perfect for performing or learning more about tarot when you don’t have an internet connection. Check it out here!



Tarot in real life – The Eight of Pentacles

Tarot card - The Eight of Pentacles

Since I started this site, the Eight of Pentacles has been my favourite card. You may be able to see why if you already know the meaning;

A positive card, you should expect good things to happen when you see it; especially aspects relating to a creative industry, or a project or part of your life that you have worked extremely hard on and dedicated yourself to.

I’ve dedicated an awful lot of time to researching Tarot cards and making sure that the content on Tarot-Explained is as good as it can be. I feel the Eight of Pentacles embodies the spirit of creating something for others. The Apprentice works on his bench creating pentacles and displaying them for others and himself. None of them are perfect but they change and improve. The site is constantly being updated and improved, and I work on the feedback provided through the contact page. I have an image of the card printed off by my desk, I use it as a type of ‘hang in there‘ poster, just to remind me why I’m working on this site and to keep myself grounded.

I sometimes feel that hard work is an element of life that is lost for many of us, and I think it’s because we all spend a lot of time focusing on things we don’t enjoy. Many of us don’t enjoy our jobs or see them as a waste of time. You really have to face that you may be in the wrong field if that’s the case. If you have a job you truly love then it isn’t work, it just becomes natural. The apprentice in the illustration isn’t happy or sad, he just exists naturally. If you need your job but don’t enjoy it, then, as I’ve discovered, a side hobby can really bring a new element to your life.

Do you have a favourite card? If you’d like to talk about it, let me know!